Rob Kardashian has some important data about Blac Chyna and he made sure to address it online. Check out the latest reports here.
‘It looks like Rob Kardashian is not trying to face Blac Chyna in court once again as the date for their revenge porn case quickly approaches. He claims to have struck a deal with Chyna, but now she is reportedly trying to back out, and Rob is asking a judge to have her hold up her end of their deal,’ The Shade Room said.
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TSR continued and said: ‘According to documents obtained by @tmz_tv, Rob’s attorneys say that he was able to make a deal with Chyna where she allegedly agreed to drop her lawsuit against him if he helped her get dropped from a lawsuit involving her ex #PilotJones. In that separate lawsuit Jones filed against both Rob and Chyna, he claims they exposed his sexuality, exposing him to public threats.’
TSR notes: ‘Rob claims in his deal with Chyna they agreed if he gets her dropped from the lawsuit with Jones, she would drop the revenge porn lawsuit against him. He says they agreed upon the deal last month, and now Chyna is stepping back on her word. In the documents, he is saying that Chyna is threatening to move forward with the trial in their revenge porn case.’
Someone said: ‘Chyna said she gon try to get paid anyway she can,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Chyna said “ I don’t want peace! I want pwoblems always!”’
One other follower said: ‘Baby chyna needs sum money,’ and a follower said: ‘Yesterdays price is not todays price.’
A fan said: ‘She need kardashian money atp she don’t care which one of y’all,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘I mean you leaked her nudes and she probably wouldve been dropped given rob is the one that posted about dude not chyna.’
A follower said: ‘Why she going after money via lawsuits… get your bag but you don’t have to sue everyone to get it…you made an agreement..seems like she’s going or is broke…’

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