Re: Will the Israeli army ever stop killing Palestinians?

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“To be a fascist merely means holding that the interests of the state, however defined, outweigh the interests — and rights — of individuals.”

One could say the same about being a communist, or a socialist — or, for that matter, about any number of collectivist (and even non-authoritarian) conceptions of the common life. You’re stretching.

Jabotinsky was, in many ways, essentially a classical (viz., 19th-century type) liberal.

https://en DOT idi DOT org DOT il/media/5103/jabotinsky-idi-2013 DOT pdf

“Jab[o]tinsky held that the interests of the Jewish People outweighed the individual rights of non-Jews in Palestine…”

Only up to — but not beyond — the point at which non-Jews might prevent the ultimate emergence of the Jewish State.

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