Re: What does the Iron Dome debate say about American politics?

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You are lying, Rachell, and you know you are lying.

Rachell: To claim a coordinated attack occurred is far fetched to the extreme (too many things to go wrong).

Even more so for the alleged Muslim “hijackers”. You sunk your own lame argument.

There are so many total impossibilties that happened on 9/11 that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that there were no “hijackers” except possibly as patsies. No cell phone calls from any planes, no airfone calls, no date/time stamped pictures or videos of any “hijackers” in security, all the molten/vaporized WTC metals, WTC7 free fall, … .

Just take one, WTC7 free fall. This can ONLY occur with a controlled demolition. The “hijackers” came nowhere near WTC7. Who placed the explosives in WTC7. CDs are not set up in a half a day.

Please do try to think. You know you are lying, you know that 9/11 was another usa Pearl Harbor false flag event. 2977 of your fellow citizens blown to smithereens, Rachell, and you lamely try to protect these mass murderers. Why?

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