Re: ‘We want our stories to travel’: Netflix launches Palestinian film collection – Middle East Monitor

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Sounds exactly like Moses to me. Even though he was adopted by Pharaoh and raised as an Egyptian Prince he was still Hebrew and heeded the cries of his people by listening to his God.

Let’s speak about Amazigh Tuaregs Berbers Sahrawis Nubians. Completely Arabized culturally yet still hold the distinct DNA make up of a different people. There’s so much brainwashing that embracing the other aspects of their cultural identity is frowned upon. That might even go against Sharia which is illegal in the Muslim world I believe.

What’s so wrong about maintaining the cultures of your ancestors or at least learning about it. Learning about culture is not counter to your religious beliefs. When a religious belief wants to stop you from discovering other aspects of who you are there is something wrong. Knowledge is not limited to what you want it to be and putting people inside of a box for your comfort is not doing anybody any favors.

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