Re: US warship in Arabian Sea seizes suspected Iranian weapons

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Since the establishment of the Bandit State thousands of UNGA resolutions, UN Human Rights resolutions, UNESCO resolutions and numerous UN Security Council resolutions have been passed including condemnation of settlements, the occupation of both the West Bank and Jerusalem together with its flagrant and systematic violation of international law. Iran should appoint itself to faithfully implement these resolutions forthwith, just like the US has appointed itself. The only UN resolution followed by the Bandit State was the one that declared it is a racist endeavour.

Even a naval vessel, including an Iranian naval vessel, has the right of innocent passage through the territorial waters of a foreign nation with one exception, a submarine must proceed on the surface. It appears this vessel was in international waters. It speaks volumes that the US refuses to sign the International Law of the Sea. A ships captain is entitled to defend his vessel from piracy at sea, no matter if the pirates are in out out of uniform.

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