Re: US' Blinken says no plans for regime change in Russia

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You seem like a reasonable person that I can have a conversation with, but also conflicted in defense of your country (which is a good thing). The only outside reality you have is your Vietnam experience and only through your military service. I have lived in Communism with Poles, Russians and Ukrainians, on an individual level. Some were Communists and some were anti. Most were non-political and lived normal lives in freedom (whatever that means). I do not know of anyone that was ever arrested.
Voting was fixed and you had to vote but in the western world less that 60% of people vote based on fake promises made by politicians to provide freebies. In Eastern Europe the freebies from the cradle to the grave were a given. Everybody had a job and a Doctor made the same as a janitor. Only the Politicians had perks. In the Western World Politicians accumulate fortunes by being in office.
I can write a book on that but I will leave it at that and remind you that Segregation and Racism existed officially until 1964 and now the USA is going back in time with BLM, Antifa, Cancel Culture, Many genders . Racism against whites, blacks, Asians and Jews

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