Re: US Blinken meets Palestine President in Ramallah

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So true, Richard: though I stubbornly refuse to accept that the US Department of State (as a key organ of US Governance) actually has its heart behind these crazy “politician’s affairs with corruption”.
For yes: late in 1948 as Harry S Truman’s dalliance with Militant Zionism took flight and (through Veto Politics), the UN Security Council began to entirely trash the spirit of the UN Charter … the Department did come to understand that Mr President and the US Congress were at the helm and, that Nineteenth Century rule-of-law was null. (Though with never any actual change to the spirit of the law having been made.)

I’m interested in your opinion on this matter. Do you agree with my supposition … or believe that it is through those opinions that prevail at the UN Security Council level … that our International Law can be lawfully crafted?

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