Re: Unidentified drones strike Iran linked trucks in Syria

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{A} – Like many Arab states, Syria is more ruled by Iran & Russia more than Assad, the US or Israel”. So,
{B} – If Arabs start blaming someone for the Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, PA, etc. situations, then they should
-1- Start with blaming Islamic regimes. -2- Next blame their own dictators. But,
-3- First, They Should Take Ownership & Responsibility Themselves, For
– [a] – Not having a single democracy in the Arab League,
– [b] – Being probably the world’s most violent region & source of violence,
– [c] – Flooding the western world with problematic Muslim refugees,
– [d] – Planning to reabsorb their refugees back into Muslim states, and
-4- Stop Constantly Blaming Israel, the US, the West, and everyone else !!

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