Re: Turkey is the only hope for the victims of the genocidal onslaught in Idlib 

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If Israhell, (RothsRats) would stop sending ISIS trying to overthrow Assad so the Rats can steal Syria, like they are trying to steal Palestine, then the folks in Idlib would not be in a war zone.

Might come as a surprise to you, but the Khazarians being in Palestine is a war crime.
The Turks being in Syria is a war crime.
The USA, (Israhell’s proxy terrorist, just like ISIS), being in Syria is a war crime.
ISIS, Israhell’s proxy terrorist being in Syria is a war crime.

Syria being in Syria is not a war crime as Syria IS Syria.
Iran & Russia being in Syria is NOT a war. crime as the legitimate Syrian Government invited them in to help fight Israhell’s Proxy Terrorist ISIS.

Although Putins track record when it comes to standing up to Israhell leaves much-much, to be desired.

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