Re: Turkey facing its worst property crisis in history, Central Bank reveals

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You refer to Zelensky pejoratively. Zelensky is regarded heroically in the West, throughout Europe and North America. I suppose primitive throwbacks in the Muslim world including yourselves despise him and hence refer pejoratively to him as a Jew because he is a strong and courageous figure. On the other hand, your people are cowardly. You roll over when encroached upon by the Taliban, or accept the authoritarian rule of countless dictatorships. You manipulate the intellectually impaired to dawn suicide vests. You attack innocent people to sow terror. Zelensky is a fighter who is able to inspire his people and persuade the world to donate billions in weapons and other aid to the Ukrainian cause. You people are infused with shame. Your people do not have free will. You rely on the west for handouts and to solve your problems. You infiltrate the west to seek sanctuary from your misery.

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