Re: ‘Tolerance Is a Wasteland: Palestine and the Culture of Denial’ by Saree Makdisi – Middle East Monitor

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-1- The “takeover of historic Palestine” happened 500 years ago, by the Turkish Empire.
-2- The so called “crime of apartheid” is a term NOT even remotely applicable to the democratic State of Israel, where
– [a] – all Israeli citizens have equal rights, and – [b] – Arab citizens of the PA are NOT citizens of the Jewish State of Israel.
-3- Any Muslim, Arab, & “Palestinian” perceived “catalogue of human rights abuse, violations of international law”, etc. are
– [a] – simply a legitimate & appropriate self-defense responses of the Jewish State of Israel, to the
– [b] – Indefensible “Palestinian Resistance” campaigns of incitement, riots, murder, Jihadist terrorism, war crimes, and
failed attempts of Islamic extremist “apartheid, ethnic cleansing, & genocide”, targeting the Jewish people of Israel.

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