Re: ‘There’s no Israel, only Palestine’: Saudi fan tells Israel reporter he is not welcome at Qatar World Cup – Middle East Monitor

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God: Can you hear me, Jew:

Jew: I sure can, keep talking please.

God: I am giving you an entire region, from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Jew: I am crying from joy, I do not know how to thank you, I want to kiss
your feet, but you are so far away.

God: But you can receive that land only on one condition.

Jew: Say it God, whatever it is, I will do it.

God: You must grab the people living there by the neck and throw them out,
none of them are to remain, you must do a thorough and complete expulsion.

Jew: God, you would be so proud of me if I tell you what I was thinking.
After you mentioned that you were giving us that huge piece of land, my idea
was to do exactly what you were telling me to do, which is to grab them and to
throw them out. You have described them as disgusting and we feel the same way
about them, a bunch of disgusting people that must be gotten rid of. Consider
it done.

God: Did I tell you that there is no piece of land anywhere on the planet that
is as precious as the land I am giving you? Wherever you walk on that land,
it is filled with milk and honey, sometimes, you have to find a path to walk
on, because so much milk and honey is oozing from that land, it is just

Jew: God, forgive me, I cannot respond right now, because I am crying, I am
crying from so much joy, let me talk to you later after I stop crying.

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