Re: The resumption of limited US support for the PA does not solve its financial crisis

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Dr Amer does not really get it. Dr. Amer states “Most Palestinian commentators agree that 2020 and what is left of Trump’s first term in office will be a difficult time for the PA.” What he fails to perceive is that the four years of Trump’s second term will be worse for the Palestinians than he can imagine.The future has landed on the Palestinian cause and will continue to land negatively on it in the upcoming years. After years on being hit on the head by the American stick, the Palestinians will get a taste of carrot from congress. America will give a bit of aid to try convince the Palestinians to sign onto the new plan for the Palestinians. However, one should remind the Palestinians that by accepting American aid, they accept being sued in the United States for their acts of terrorism which have killed and harmed American citizens.

The Palestinians are waking up to the fact is that they have missed the many opportunities for a two state solution, which would have given the Palestinians an independent state. What now is being offered to them is autonomy in Areas A and B of the West Bank and autonomy in Gaza, but not necessarily under one government.

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