Re: The Palestinians are fishing for European justice

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1. If you could’ve, you would’ve. Last time you tried it, you incited a civil war and destroyed any shred of legitimacy your PA Harkis had left, as well as giving Hamas the chance to take over completely as the legitimate representative of the Palestinians. You gave them that, and they took full advantage. Haniyeh looked very Presidential in his speech, almost like they were waiting for you k1kes to give them the chance lol. The time before, with Ariel Sharon, same thing.
2. Call them what they are and always were, stooges that exist because of Apartheid Israeli money and weapons. So to answer your question, call them your Harkis
a) Incorrect
b) Incorrect
c) PA interests = Apartheid Israeli interests since the PA can’t exist without Apartheid Israel

Americvnts by and large refuse to admit the US is an Empire, but the facts show otherwise. Apartheid Israel and its k1kes refuse to admit they are an Apartheid and ethnic cleansing state, and own the PA lock, stock, and barrel. But the facts show otherwise

I suppose on a more philosophical you k1kes have to lie to yourselves and time was you had the influence, and control of the media and politics to make others believe your lies and/or make those who didn’t believe STFU. That is slowly coming to an end and when it does end, nothing will save you

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