Re: The crime of not responding to the Israel raids in Syria

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The white European Jews had decided that they were going to call their country

Palestine and between 1918-1948, they had begun to call themselves Palestinians.

It was at the last minute that they chose to call it Israel – for deceptive

reasons – they wanted to make the the world believe that these white Jews from

Europe were the descendants of the Israelites – except they were humiliated big

time when DNA arrived and told the world that these European Jews are actually

100% European. Stop comparing your white Jews to the people of the Middle East,

they are completely two different people, go compare your white Jews to the

Germans. These former Eastern European ghetto dwellers simply love to be in our

region and they don’t want to go home – but sooner or later, they would have no

choice but to get out because they are not welcome. They happen to be the most

hated and the most expelled people, why should they come to us?

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