Re: Taliban threatens to conquer Iran amid border clashes over ongoing water dispute

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Your Lies & “youtube” propaganda have & will continue to Achieve Nothing, where against
the Secure, Prosperous, Happy, & Internationally Accepted, Democratic Jewish State of Israel,
Arab Islamic Extremists, Aggressive Jihadists, Murderers vs. the Jewish State of Israel
The Reality, History, ^ Truth Remain that:
-1- Invading Arab Armies Failed, from 1948 to 1973, & so they switched tactics, but
-2- “Palestinian Resistance” Terrorism & War Crime Campaigns Failed Too. And,
-3- Arab “Paliwood”, BDS, Propaganda, Nonsense (like yours), etc. will Fail,
– [a] – To Destroy, or – [b] – Even to achieve minor annoyance levels,
against the Jewish State of Israel. So shall it remain forever.

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