Re: Speaking in UAE, Israeli minister rejects creation of Palestinian state

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Born of Bellicose means you VH said. The Jewish people accepted a pacific resolution of the conflict by accepting the Partition Plan. The Arabs did not . Jamal Husseini Chairman of the Arab Higher Committee representing Arabs in Palestine told the UN if the partition plan passed the Arabs would go to war and drench the streets with blood. In 1948 before an UN panel he admitted that the Arabs started the fighting. The facts are that the Arabs began the fighting the morning after the membership of the UN voted for the Partition Plan. The Arab purpose was to prevent the nascent state from emerging and annihilating the Jewish people in Palestine. The Jews defended themselves and secured their state in war initiated by the Arabs.

The Arabs`bellicosity in the end did not prevent a Jewish state but prevented an Arab Palestinian state arising in what was Mandate Palestine.

VH can quote the treaty of Lausanne but it did not create a Palestinian state. Under the Covenant of the League of Nations which created mandated territories, mandated territories were not states but each a sacred trust of civilization called a Mandate overseen by a Trustee called a Mandatory. The Mandate for Palestine does not purport to create a state and does not, even though it has its own nationality clause the Mandate did not create a Palestinian state. Passports were issued to Jews and Arabs of Mandate Palestine as Protected British Persons.

The PCIJ cases involved the British Nation and the government of Palestine as exercised by the by His Britannic Majesty’s Government..“ The 1924 case of The Mavrommatis Palestine Concessions was between Greece v. Britain and not Greece and the State of Palestine, because there was no state of Palestine to sue.

One can read the Mandate for Palestine, the Peel Report, the 1939 White Paper, the British Government`s annual reports on Palestine to the League of Nations and the UNSCOP report, all of its proceedings, Resolution 181 for the Partition Plan and there is no State called Palestine. It is a mandated territory. When Britain gives its notice to end its trusteeship it is to end its trusteeship of the Mandated territory, and not some state.

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