Re: Roadmap for turning Israel into a theocracy and putting Jewish law 'above all' uncovered

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“to purge the public atmosphere in our country of foreign influences, and to add more and more Judaism and purity to the soul of our country, the State of Israel”.

How are the European Jews connected to Palestine is the question? They are a European people no different than the Germans. Who exactly gave the right to the Europeans to invade and occupy Palestine?

Gideon Levy’s reaction when he learned he was 100% European:

The first revelation, and the most important of all, struck me like a bolt of lightning. Unequivocally, definitively, no words spared. A huge headline across the full width of the screen:

🔸 Gideon, your DNA suggests that 100% of your origin is Jewish-Ashkenazi.🔸

In other words, a 100 percent racially pure Ashkenazi Jew. An end to all doubts. But again, astonishingly, there’s not a trace of the Land of Israel in my ancestors’ journeys in the past 275,000 years. They never saw it, not even through binoculars. It’s the definite end of my Zionism. My deep connection with the Land of Israel faded in an instant and became nonexistent. My parents and my grandparents had no previous connection with Palestine.


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