Re: Prophets of doom: Kissinger and the 'intellectual' decline of the West

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It is unclear why 100-year-old Henry Kissinger has been elevated by Western

I began to laugh when I read that because I had no idea that he was still alive. It was wrong and it is still wrong to assign the position of the Secretary of State to any Jew because the Jew is not a neutral person when it comes to Palestine, in fact Nixon was complaining how emotional Kissinger was when they were discussing what he calls Israel. get this: in 1973 when the Jew Ambassador was in the US and they had a meeting about the October 1973 war and at one point the Jew Ambassador asked Kissinger to walk together a little farther away so they could discuss something in private and Kissinger said okay and they walked away talking together. You know that it would have been 100% impossible for Kissinger to disclose what the Jew told him and that is why it was wrong to assign the position of Secretary of State to a Jew.

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