Re: Israel's Netanyahu accuses Opposition of seeking to overthrow his government

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“Actually it was a survivors letter…”

WHAT was a survivor’s letter? — antecedent, please.

“And you[r] spiel is comical — no issue with Jews for centuries…”

“No issue,” you mean, apart from the fact that Jews in the Arab world had been DHIMMI for all those centuries, and the local Arabs had never known any Jews who weren’t?

“[immigrants] arrive and there is suddenly a[n] issue with them, they just happen to be Jewish.”

They just happen to be Jewish persons who regard themselves the equal of any Arab person, and who expect to be treated as an equal — my God, the detestable al-yahud as EQUALS, what a shock.

“Comical” for sure — or it would be if the Arabs, under the incitative tutelage of the Mufti, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, hadn’t regarded that outrage to their poor, tender sensibilities as warranting murder.

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