Re: Israel settlers uproot hundreds of trees in Bethlehem

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I am anti-zionist, not anti-semitic. A lot of Jewish people who live abroad are anti-zionist, you can’t deny that.
Listen, man, this ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and extreme racism towards one another should just cease, if we can’t at least agree on that, this exchange is useless, eventually we believe in the same god, we’re more alike than you think, Islam is the only religion that doesn’t invalidate the other two, in fact you’re only a Muslim after you believe in all the prophets (Moses, David, Jacob, Solomon, Elijah, Enoch, Isac, Abraham… etc) and all scriptures. Can you say that about Judaism? Just brought this point because this conflict is as religious as it is territorial. No one has to leave or steal the other’s property and life. I hope that we see a future where the Jews and Muslims could live together as brothers and allies, without discrimination, prejudice or hate towards one another. It’s getting harder to hold on to this hope a little bit more every passing day.

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