Re: Israel says US will ‘punish’ those who boycott UN blacklist companies

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Sanders is NOT running for political office in israel, and as such has zero need to attend the aipac conference, which should be registered as a foreign agent in the USA for the undo negative influence it wields in American politics. Netanyahu has proven he is racist when he was stoking fears about Palestinians voting in a recent election and described them as “coming out in droves” hardly a description one would have about people who are supposed to be on equal par with israeli jews. And Danon threatening that the USA will do the dirty work for israel simply because companies or individuals wish to pick and choose which company to do business with or not based upon a list of companies who benefit from the belligerent occupation of the West Bank shows how much israel is concerned about BDS, surely one is free to decide who ones business with for ones own reasons, this tirade from Danon proves that is not the case but he needs a new hairdresser at least…

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