Re: Israel holding 17 Palestinian journalists, says rights group

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You are a terrorist by virtue of the FACT that you incite anger and hatred. Can you acquire self-concept, khazar arrogant? Have a good look at yourself, and at your harassing associates on the Internet: This is no better that terrorism. Inciting anger is terrorism. Thinking of the Musa’arabeen of yours: Paid to incite antisemitism………….among Middle-Easterners, not just on the Gaza Strip, but all over the world. Very zionist, the very netan yahoo style…The Truth will perspire, and, once more, the 1930s will be back in a state of mega turmoil. People with brain think of that. The khazars just push people to their limits, then they play victims for billions of dollars. It has been about 2-3 years that, despite exploiting Germany like you do in USA, we no longer read defaming material about the ‘evil’ Germans…Too many of us had to make you THINK, psychopaths, that, when people pay such large amount of money, silence ensues. That was the Viking way of life that we have adopted in Europe…The khazar ignorant have no concept of stopping at money-compensation….The khazar is a rat,a no-honor individual, a parasite: look at that last cash crop:
(Mind y’all: The zholokaust income keeps coming, 80 years later)


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