Re: Israel hangs Palestinian martyr from bulldozer

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If he did in fact write this, it is antisemitic to say “Jews”. Like all Jews? The Jewish policeman in New York city or the Jewish baker in London.Or the Jewish doctor in Paris or the Jewish doctor Salk, who developed the polio vaccine, so that today your are not paralyzed from the disease. The Jews were never expelled from Iraq or Syria, where they lived for 2,000 years or India where they lived for at least 1,000 years. You are antisemitic for commenting this way. The real reason the Jews had trouble in mainly Europe, was they did not convert to Christianity. This just bothered the Christan’s so much, that they went after the Jews and then took the opportunity to plunder the Jews possessions. And the proof is right in front of your face, because when the Christians did not kill the Jews, they forced them to convert. You can google “Jewish Conversos” and read some real history. Oh yes, Gala is 89 years old and antisemitic. He is from an era when is was the thing to look down on Jews.

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