Re: Israel hangs Palestinian martyr from bulldozer

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You are one sick puppy. Just check the official German Government figure on how many people were killed by the Nazis. And you do know that 5,000 Catholic priests were also killed. BUT, in the end, I don’t care if five people were killed. Do you do know the definition of the word reality? The reality is there are six million Jews (yeah, quite a coincidence) living in Israel and they don’t quake. They have one of the worlds recognized best intelligence services. They did a raid on Iraq’s nuclear reactor that experts thought impossible Google, youtube “raid on Iraq reactor”. They did the rescue at Entebbe (watch the movie). They have one of the best air forces in the world. Google Giora Epstein, an IAF fighter pilot, who holds the modern record for kills of any air force in the world, at 17.Yes, this weak trembling Jew shot down 17 planes in dog fights. You go to Israel and tell a combat general he is a quaking Jew and see what happens to you. And screw you, you are a fuccing losers.
And give back your polio shot developed by a Jew, that kept you from an Iron Lung,

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