Re: Israel hangs Palestinian martyr from bulldozer

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I have no words for the Israeli violation of this dead Palestinian, and the dragging of him by his clothes on a bulldozer.
Was the guy even guilty of the crimes with which the IDF charged him?!? We will never know; he was assassinated before a proper inquiry could ever take place. And if anyone makes the observation that Israel was “lawless” in its actions here, I would beg to differ; the law imposed, and into which Israel has found itself backsliding, as an horrendously apartheid,self-proclaimed theocracy with nuclear weapons, is that of Code Napoleon law, under which suspects are considered guilty until proven innocent.
No better example of this could possibly be found, where the IDF acted as judge, jury, and executioner here; and the butt-ugly reality
is, that this has become the “new normal” for the Israeli military and police.

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