Re: Iran says 9 soldiers killed in clashes with US Navy in Persian Gulf

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You have a good point, I saw online that Denmark and England have given the green light for foreigners to go, there’s even a Western article outlining that veteran British and Americans SOF are already on the way. Ukraine has a big diaspora all around the world so I would assume that some will go. There won’t be many foreigners like you said, but I reckon that the West is quietly aiding them by providing real time satellite imagery for their drones.

FSA were not united and became Islamist anarchists afterwards, but these Ukrainians are a more disciplined force that have formal training from US/Europe/Canada etc… so they will most definitely know how to use them more effectively. However, in close-quarters the old, but always reliable RPG will probably fair better when they are moving between streets, the Javelin will be nice to use from afar when they’re still a long while away. There are already many disabled T-90s out there, I thought those cages and what not would work better. They should make their own Trophy system like what the Merkavas have.

Im up every night following the news now. Everybody loves a good resistance story.

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