Re: Iran rejects deadline set by West to revive nuclear agreement

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Iran’s goal is to delay the re-entry into the 2015 nuclear agreement until Iran has squeezed out the last concessions and dollars of Europe and the United States, while continuing to build out their nuclear program and move closer in their quest for a nuclear bomb on the end of a ballistic missile which can reach central Israel and explode.

It is noteworthy that the Americans and European have heaped sanctions on Russian and anyone dealing with Russia, except in the case of Russia and negotiations with Iran. So it is OK to cut off Russia’s financial system from SWIFT and to shut down approval to Nord Stream II, but it is not OK to exclude Russia from negotiations for the return to the nuclear agreement of 2015.

Europe and the United States have allowed Russia to invade the Ukraine but that is not sufficient reason to exclude Russia from the talks with Iran and the throwing under Israel and the Gulf states under the nuclear powered bus of Iran.

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