Re: In Arab world, Israel crisis dominates the news

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Some Muslims, Arabs, & “Palestinians delusionally see the controversy in Israel over the judicial reforms as
a sign of the near end of the Zionist entity”, but Israeli Jews are far too peaceful to go down the civil war route,
like so many Arab states. But, there are Palestinians who are also expressing appreciation for democracy in Israel,
where “hundreds of thousands of people can take to the streets to protest against the government and criticize
leaders, without fear of being arrested or killed,” like under Arab or Communist kingdoms & dictatorships.
Arabs “can learn a lot from the Israeli democratic system,” but they must also learn from the US revolution,
because . FREEDOM . IS . NOT . FREE , and they must fight, defeat, & expel their kings & dictatorship,
who will never willingly surrender their ultimate power over the state, without a fight.

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