Re: If Ukraine can have an international brigade, why can’t Palestine and Syria? – Middle East Monitor

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I already have and continue to finance Hamas so your point is moot

“, it won’t work to d€stroy the modern and well trained IDF. See your own history, you failed many times and will fail once again, just try but don’t cry later when the Jews one more time humiliate you:”

All that would be necessary is for the Rafah border to be open to any and all materiel to Gaza. We have already seen what Hamas’ rudimentary weapons can do to the Apartheid state. Even a large and steady quantity of those same rudiementary weapons would bring Apartheid Israel to its knees. Apartheid Israel acknowledges that Hamas’ is now a “terrorist” army whereas some years before Hamas was simply a “terrorist” militia. Hamas has created a professional Palestinian military that even with its limited funds and access to weaponry, has held its own

Just as the Afghans, the Palestinains will have to ear the victory only God can deliver, whether that means fighting for another 50 years or 500 years.

Dictators Die and Empires Fall.

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