Re: GCC foreign ministers urge US to act on Israeli measures against Palestinians

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Bahrain = King
Kuwait = King
Oman = King
Qatar = King
Saudi Arabia = King
United Arab Emirates = King

Who made them kings? Why is it that there is such a heavy concentration of kings in the Middle East?

Why is it that there is no other country on the planet that is ruled by kings except for the corrupt regimes in the Middle East?

What kind of an Arab would want to align themselves with the European Jews who raped the Palestinian women, who massacred the Palestinian people, who expelled 90% of the indigenous people of Palestine?

What kind of an Arab would watch the Palestinians scattered around the world and languishing in refugee camps while the European Jews who came from Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, who are completely European and completely foreign to the Middle East , are living a wonderful life on the land of the Palestinians?

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