Re: France: journalists suspended after 'anti-Semitism' allegations

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There are millions of pieces of evidence for evolution. Can you provide us a single piece of physical evidence that proves the story of Adam and Eve is true instead? Nope. Don’t you think it’s possible modern scientific evidence coupled with the research of millions of modern day scientists outweighs the credibility of a handful of sundry ancient shaman who provided no evidence and didn’t even know what electricity was?

The majority of the planet believes evolution. That’s why exactly why most schools on the planet teach it. Even moderately religious people believe it. Only religious fanatic literalists reject it because they lack the intellectual and moral integrity to face the evidence because they see it as a threat to their beliefs.. Those that claim evolution didn’t happen are the ones living fantasies. Empty narratives will never defeat the stone cold facts. Claiming evolution didn’t happen is like claiming the earth is flat.

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