Re: FIFA postpones U-20 World Cup amid Indonesia's rejection of Israel's participation

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So, you don’t miss things, the “enumerating” is for simpletons like you, but enumeration or not, the
TRUTH is the truth, AND REALITY is reality, and “Lol, the duummb Islamic extremist is again” denying reality.
So, try to keep up, without the numbers:
* The FIFA Games will go on, but just somewhere else if Indonesia continues down the road
of it’s poor sportsmanship, Islamic extremism, intolerance, & racist Antisemitism. And,
* The Jewish State of Israel will continue secure, prosperous, happy, & internationally accepted,
while Islamic extremists, like Indonesia, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc., “shoot themselves in the foot”,
and lose hosting the international FIFA games, international aid, etc.

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