Re: Extremist Danish politician burns the Quran in Sweden

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Hello Loud and Stupid. Yours is not even a good tu quo quo argument. When Israel turned Masfer Yatta into a firing range some 40 years ago it was vacant state land and this was proven by aerial photographs. The Bedouin had no right to settle there, which is why the same village keeps being torn down. Whoever keeps refunding this scofflaw group must have very deep pockets.

Illegally constructing a new “mosque” does not protect it from zoning regulations, and is quite different from torching an ancient shrine. I suggest that you build your next “mosque” in the middle of firing range in the US or France and see how long it lasts.

Meanwhile, enraged Muslims tear down a mosque in Islamabad. Not newly created for political theatre, this mosque was over 100 years old.

reuters COM/article/us-pakistan-ahmadis-idUSKCN1IP20H

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