Re: European trade union to boycott products made in Israel settlements

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-1- YOUR . NONSENSE , about “Paranos, Khazars, pathological liars, fantasists” . ACHIEVES . NOTHING .
-2- The “Palestinian Resistance” campaigns of riots, murder, terrorism, & war crimes achieves less than Nothing,
where it cannot significantly harm Israel, but it will bring more death & destruction into the Palestinian Authority. And,
-3- The Jewish State of Israel’s robust & high-tech self-defense responses that confronts the Impotent PLO, Hamas, & PIJ Jihadist aggressions will continue to easily maintain the security, prosperity, happiness, & democracy of the Jewish State of Israel. And,
-4- Unless the Palestinian Authority surrenders to peace along side the Jewish State of Israel, many future generations of “Palestinian” children will still remain poor, miserable, & violent, and our grandchildren will likely carry on the same debate.

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