Re: Declaring an independent Palestinian state meant accepting losses for Palestinians

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S I L L Y one: were do you think these Palestinian Christens came from?
Not from Poland or the Ukraine right.
You are so ashamed of your European identity that you stopped or even mentioning
gefilte fish – such a strange people.

Btw: Gideon Levy said he was shocked when he received his DNA that
said he was 100 pure Ashkenazi. WTF are you predators doing on our land?

Hey look Palestinians Christians look indigenous, the do not look like Bernie Sanders, huh? https://i.imgur.Com/r693zXi.jpg

HEY LOOK => the Ashkenazi look like George Bush and the Yemeni Jews look Yemeni, huh? https://i.imgur.Com/LOqhWRF.png

Here is a very Ashkenazic looking Bernie Sanders who spent a year on Arab Palestine eating our food and defecating on our land – look at his face:

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