Re: Amazon forcing Palestinians to list themselves as Israelis for free shipping

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Seriuously, you are obsessed with scatological references. You need to see a psychiatrist about your mental health issues. And seriously again, you never have comment directly to my statement. Here it is one more time. The real world is a world of FACTS. FACT: Israel controls the land, do you agree? FACT: there are about 700,000 Israelis living in the West bank. FACT: the UN passes useless resolutions and the very countries who vote against Israel trade with her. They buy military equipment from her and millions of tourists come to Israel. FACT: Israel has a powerful army. Lately Israel has been killing Iranian soldiers in Syria and Iran has not done a thing about this. They talk a big game and do nothing, they are scared to confront Israel. FACT: you lost all the wars and now you are paying the price. Do you get it now?

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