Jigsaw to organise first ever discussion on women consumers in Mumbai


Jigsaw Brand Consultants

New Delhi [India], Oct 24 (NewsVoir): Women are the engines of the economy, driving more than 80 percent of all consumers spending and also hold the purse strings for all the major decisions that get taken in the household. It’s imperative to understand their brain structures, priorities, worldviews and demographic patterns as distinct and distinguishable in their own right.
Jigsaw Brand Consultants, a strategic brand consultancy based in Mumbai will be organising a first ever discussion on women consumers – Decoding Women Consumers and What Makes Them Tick. It is an initiative to deep dive into a woman’s mind, understanding women as customers, their psyche and what influences their buying behavior.
This will also be the first instance when Jigsaw will unveil its study titled ‘The 9 Avatars of the Indian Woman’ at this event. This report explores the various types of women cohorts that are emerging in today’s society. This insightful event will take place at Dextrus, a co-working space at BKC, Mumbai on 26th Oct. (Friday) at 4.30 pm.
Rutu Mody Kamdar, Founder – Director of Jigsaw Brand Consultants and Organiser of the event says, “This panel discussion is an attempt to dissect the female consumer and throw light on the important brain differences – what is it that makes women sit up and take notice? What are the things that you may have overlooked that need to be accounted for when talking to a woman? What are the layers through which she communicates, and what are the things she is telling you, in the midst of all that she’s not. Be it product design, marketing communication, sales experience or after sales – it’s important to filter decisions based on this deeper knowledge. Gender, which is often an invisible thing, is real and a big determinant of how decision making actually happens. Companies need to invest in becoming female literate in order to be able to influence the woman and push the right buttons.”
List of eminent panelists to discuss and share their views on the subject are Shama Dalal – Head of Marketing – Schwarzkopf; Rameet Singh Arora – COO – HT Digital Streams; Suraja Kishore – EVP & GM – McCann; Anupama Kapoor – Founder & Chief Mentor – Reboot and Ketaki Agtey – Sathe – Marketer & Communicator.
Speaking on the research report, Rutu shares, “As women progress and find a voice and medium outside the four walls of their home, they are beginning to find a collective voice in these new communities. Old stereotypes are fading away. The ‘perfect homemaker’ is making way for a growing segment of ‘perfect balancers’. The ‘doting mother’ is making way for the ‘perfectly happy childless woman’, the ‘focused corporate woman’ is making way for a ‘woman who’s constantly discovering’.
The research throws light on the many segments that have emerged and the growing voice and power of these segments. There are ample implications for brands, marketers and communicators. Hence our team at Jigsaw thought of doing this study and hold a discussion on the subject so that we could get different perspectives by eminent marketing experts across the Industry. Jigsaw shall continue to explore and hold discussions on such unique subjects in the future, triggering a thought process amidst several segments of society.” (NewsVoir)

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