Street Fighter 5 Characters Coming To Monster Hunter: World To Deliver Dragon Punches

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Capcom has announced it will be introducing Street Fighter V‘s Ryu and Sakura into Monster Hunter: World, allowing players to acquire armor sets that reskin them to look like the two World Warriors. As detailed on the Capcom Unity blog, those that have a Street Fighter V save data file on their PS4 will be able to embark on the quest get Ryu first, before it becomes available to everyone else.

“In just a few weeks, we’ll be featuring the quest to get Ryu’s set as an exclusive early opportunity to PS4 players that also have a save data file from Street Fighter V (including Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition),” Capcom explained.

“Hunters with that save data will receive a special quest called ‘Down the Dark, Muddy Path.’ Just channel your fighting spirit, complete that quest and you’ll get ‘SFV Tickets’ as the special reward item. Bring that, along with other necessary materials, to the Smithy and you got yourself a Ryu armor set.”

Everyone else “won’t have to wait much longer,” according to Capcom. An Event Quest for Ryu’s armor set will “go back in rotation for all players at a later date,” though a specific date has not yet been announced. After that, two new Event Quests will then be added to the game for all players on both PS4 and Xbox One to allow Ryu and Sakura’s armor sets to be crafted using SFV Tickets.

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In addition to the character models, a number of premium gestures and Chat Stamp sets will be available to buy, including the iconic Hadoken and Shoruken. You can find details on these below.

  • Guild Card: Bonus Stage (Free)
  • Achievements: Rival, Destined, Living Legend and Bandana Girl (Free)
  • Pose: Shoryuken & Hadoken (Free)
  • Gesture: Street Fighter V Hadoken ($3.99)
  • Gesture: Street Fighter V Shoryuken ($3.99)
  • Stamp Set: Street Fighter V Set – ($1.99)

This is the second crossover between the two titles. To celebrate the launch of Monster Hunter World Capcom announced three crossover costumes for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition for PS4 and PC. The costumes are based on three armor sets you can get in Monster Hunter for Ken, R. Mika, and Ibuki.

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