No More Debates … Even If They Help Biden


If you’re a Trump believer, your man won the first presidential debate against Vice President Joe Biden, hands down.

“I really enjoyed last night’s debate with Sleepy Joe … the verdict is in and they say that we, all of us, won big last night,” Trump told a crowd during a rally in Duluth, Minnesota yesterday.

Of course, if you look at the actual polling, it is the complete opposite.

According to a CNN poll of debate watchers conducted by SSRS, six in 10 debate watchers said former Vice President Joe Biden did the best job in Tuesday’s debate, and just 28% say Donald Trump did.

A CNBC/Change Research poll conducted Tuesday and Wednesday found 53% of likely voters nationwide said Biden did a better job in the debate, compared with 29% for Trump.

So, two more scheduled presidential debates should only help Biden, right? Yes.

But would two more exhibitions of what some have called a “national disgrace” and “an embarrassment,” be good for the country? No.

As conservative columnist, George Will, writes in the Washington Post, “The national interest — actually, national security — demands that the other two scheduled mortifications, fraudulently advertised as presidential debates, should be canceled: When a nation makes itself pathetic, the response of enemy nations is not sympathy.” 

Yes, more of what we saw on display Tuesday would not only dishearten most Americans, it would also demoralize our friends and allies, while emboldening our enemies.

The bottom line is that the first presidential debate did nothing to change the hearts and minds of voters. 

According to the previously mentioned CNBC/Change Research poll, just 2% of respondents said the debate changed their vote, versus 98% who said it didn’t.

So why would we need what would, no doubt, only be the continuation of a fiasco?

Some are suggesting we go ahead with the debates but that they will need to be “fine-tuned.”

Seriously? You cannot fine-tune the mind of a petulant man-child that is Donald Trump.

We’ve heard this phrase many times during the Trump MisAdministration … “enough is enough.”

Yes. No more useless “debates.” Period.

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