Mind-blowing Scenario … Trump-Trump 2020!


While Donald Trump may not be able to read tea leaves, his campaign team certainly can. They see certain defeat in November for their boss if current polling trends are not reversed.

One of the most talked-about scenarios for shaking things up is for Trump to dump Pence in favor of a more compelling running mate … say, a woman. Say, Nikki Haley?

The idea of Trump matching Biden, who has pledged to pick a woman as his running mate, makes a whole lot of sense. But Haley?

Why not Ivanka?

Let’s play this out.

Trump convinces Pence to resign for the good of the GOP. He chooses Ivanka to be his new VP.

The Trump-Trump ticket would add instant excitement to a reelection campaign that is stuck in the mire and heading for what some are predicting a landslide defeat.

If the Trump-Trump ticket wins, it’s all good.

If the father-daughter tag team loses in November, also all good.

After the November defeat, Donald Trump resigns the presidency, making Ivanka president. She then pardons her father of all crimes committed in the past or in the future, while in office or out of office … basically a pardon in perpetuity! (I know this is not possible but Ivanka is a Trump. The law doesn’t apply to Trumps, remember?)

In the meantime, now president Ivanka picks her husband, Jared Kushner, as her VP, to serve out the rest of the term. The two then siphon off as much money as possible from the national treasury before leaving office in January 2021.  Yes, Don Jr. would throw a fit being passed over for VP.  At least Eric wouldn’t mind.

Having been pardoned for all possible crimes, Trump spends his days golfing and setting up his new cable network, TrumpTV.

The stated goal of TrumpTV will be to replace Fox News as the number one source for conservative disinformation, conspiracy theories, etc. and “to make Biden a one-term president.” 

Of course, Ivanka and Jared would be free to run again in 2024.

Ok. This sounds crazy but is it any crazier than a country electing a mentally deficient, realty TV con man to the most powerful office in the world?

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