Let’s face it, Joe Biden has an age issue. He already has the distinction of being the oldest person ever elected president at age 77. If he were to win reelection, he would be 81 years old on election day, turning 82 just weeks later, on November 20.

But Old Joe can actually use his advanced years to his benefit if he simply employs a little humor, just as Ronald Reagan did when his age was being used against him. Plus, he’d be beating a lot of the late-night comics to the punch!

Here are just a few examples of how Joe can humorously claim his longevity helps him, as it has allowed him to be present for some of the most important moments in American history:

When talking about being a proud American

Biden could say, while he was very young, he recalls standing outside Independence Hall, straining to hear the voices of the Founding Fathers as they put pen to paper. He can talk about how he felt a swell of patriotic pride as he watched them declare our independence from Great Britain. 

When talking about his strength and vigor

Biden can tell voters about the time he helped row Washington across the icy Delaware River, braving the elements and the British soldiers. He can describe how tired he was, how his hands were numb from the cold, but his heart was warmed by the bravery of our founding father.

When talking about how he got interested in politics

Biden could describe how he snuck into one of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, hiding behind a stack of hay bales as he listened to the two men go back and forth. He could talk about how impressed he was with Lincoln’s eloquence and his commitment to preserving the Union. Yes, that’s when young Joe knew a political career was for him!

Mr. President, you can turn the issue of your age from a liability into an asset … with just a little humor.

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