Conservatives Have Made A Mockery Of The Supreme Court, So …


The highest court in the land has lost the right to be called “Supreme.” It has earned a new name, which, if Democrats are smart, they’ll start using ASAP when referring to the Court. The new name? The United States Extreme Court.

Why not go full Trumpian name-calling on today’s radical bunch of black-robed ayatollahs sitting on the high court in Washington D.C., passing judgement on how we are to live our lives, democracy and the Constitution be damned?

The current right-wing Supreme Court has lost all legitimacy after a string of appalling decisions they have handed down recently on abortion rights, gun rights and the separation of church and state. And, as many observers have suggested, they are just getting started!

The six “conservative jurists” have all earned the right to be derided, mocked and hounded wherever they show their faces. If that means frat boy Kavanaugh has to leave a restaurant, through the back door, before having his dessert, so be it.

Is calling the Supreme Court the “Extreme Court” disrespectful? It is not disrespectful enough!

For a good summary on why the label “Extreme Court” is appropriate, read Elie Mystal’s great piece in The Nation,  “How The Supreme Court Became The Extreme Court.

Democrats need to do what Republicans would do under similar circumstances. Get nasty, and on message, fast.


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