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Is Trump’s Day Of Reckoning Finally Here?


Word is out that the nearly two-year Trump-Russia investigation has come to an end and a report by special counsel Robert Mueller may soon be submitted to the newly installed Attorney General, William Barr, as early as next week.

Just when, or even if, Barr will share the report with Congress remains to be seen.

As reported by CNN, “Under the special counsel regulations, Mueller must submit a ‘confidential’ report to the attorney general at the conclusion of his work, but the rules don’t require it to be shared with Congress, or by extension, the public. And, as Barr has made clear, the Justice Department generally guards against publicizing ‘derogatory’ information about uncharged individuals.”

But could the much-awaited report, no matter what, still lead to Trump’s impeachment by the House?

Reality check. Even if Mueller’s report is damaging to Trump, with Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader, it’s hard to see Republican senators voting to convict Trump after House Democrats start an impeachment proceeding.

But do not fret. With many other ongoing investigations into Trumpworld, most notably by the Southern District of New York, Trump will never be not out of the woods.

As Neal Katyal writes in an opinion piece in today’s New York Times:

The overlapping investigations by different entities, housed in different branches of government, spanning geography and even different governments (such as the New York attorney general’s investigation into the Trump Foundation), make it difficult for anyone, even Attorney General Barr, to end the inquiries.

While Mueller’s report may not be “the end,” it most certainly will be remembered as the beginning of “the end.”

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Top European Diplomats Fret Over Current Relationship With U.S.


Having sent his surrogate to this year’s Munich Security Conference, Mike Pence got a chilly reception from the attendees. And why not? Donald Trump has made it clear he cares more about our longstanding enemies than our longtime allies.

The New York Times recently quoted a senior German diplomatic official, who chose to remain anonymous, to show how bad U.S. relations have become with what once were our closest allies:

“No one any longer believes that Trump cares about the views or interests of the allies. It’s broken.”

Helping to get Trump into the White House cost the Kremlin a pretty ruble but look at the return on investment! A United States president that has given Putin what he’s wanted most…. a weakening of the NATO alliance; a pact that has kept Europe safe from the Soviet Union, and now a hostile and ambitious Russia, for decades.

No, Putin has gotten more than he could have ever imagined … even in his wildest, wettest dream.

Will Trump actually pull the United State out of NATO as he has threatened to do? What was once an absurd question doesn’t seen so crazy anymore.

Let’s hope our European allies can hang on long enough until we have a new, sensible, non-compromised president in the White House.

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Trump Makes It Hard On Conservative Supremes


Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. He made that clear, once again, during yesterday’s rambling, incoherent  “national emergency” Rose Garden speech.

Responding to questioning from a reporter, Trump actually admitted he didn’t “need to do this.” Instead of sticking to the script that what is happening on our southern border is a serious national security issue, Trump blurted out the truth.

This is reminiscent of Trump’s interview with NBC’s Lester Holt when he admitted he was going to fire FBI Director James Comey, because of that whole Russia thing, regardless of recommendations from his attorney general and deputy attorney general.

It seems the serial liar can’t help incriminating himself by occasionally letting out a truth bomb.

While Trump’s speech contained many of the usual lies about illegal immigration and the necessity of a border wall, he did get one thing straight … this whole national emergency charade will be decided by the courts.

“We will have a national emergency, and we will then be sued, and they will sue us in the 9th Circuit, even though it shouldn’t be there, and we will possibly get a bad ruling, and then we will get another bad ruling, and then we will end up in the Supreme Court,” said Trump.

While under normal circumstances one would expect the compliant conservative Supreme Court to go along with the President’s broad power to declare a national emergency, saying this is not really an emergency ain’t the way to go. It just might get a justice like John Roberts to say “no amigo.”

Roberts has now replaced former justice Anthony Kennedy as the swing vote on the Court. As Chief Justice, Roberts has his legacy to protect. He also has shown he cares about the independence of the Court.

No, Donald, even though you have packed the Court with two conservative lackeys (Gorsuch and Kavanaugh) don’t expect a rubber-stamp from the Supremes.

I am waiting for the day when Trump admits he did get help from Russia to win the 2016 presidential election, but it doesn’t matter because he would have won anyway!

The man is not very bright. He just can’t help himself.

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Trump Misses Mark … Only Ranks Third In List Of (Worst) Presidents


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In the latest Siena College Research Institute survey, Donald Trump is ranked the third worst president of all time after Andrew Johnson (who was impeached) and James Buchanan (whose presidency was followed by the Civil War).

The sixth Siena survey, which started in 1982, asks 157 presidential scholars, historians and political scientists to rank the presidents according to 20 different benchmarks.

For the first time, George Washington is ranked as the greatest president, beating out Franklin Roosevelt, who had topped every previous survey. The top five have remained the same since the survey’s inception, which includes Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Jefferson.

Surprisingly, George W. Bush climbed six spots to 33rdwhile Barack Obama slipped two spots to the 17thgreatest president.

For a man who desperately wants to be number one in everything, finishing third must be a huge disappointment. Trump, however, might take comfort in knowing that most average Americans pick him the worst president ever.

Who knows? With still some time left in office, Trump’s ineptitude just might get him to the number one spot when the next Siena survey rolls around.

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Is Trump Losing His Gift For Derisive Nicknames?


Donald Trump is perhaps best known for slapping derisive nicknames on political enemies. Yet a few days ago, with a perfect opportunity to drop one on Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Trump seemed to reach for a nickname only to come up empty.

“Nancy Pelosi, or Nancy, as I call her, doesn’t want to hear the truth,” said Trump on Wednesday in comments reported by CNN’s Ryan Struyk.

Could it be Trump is afraid to reach into his bag of slights when it comes to Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi?

No. Trump has in the past hit Pelosi with put-downs such as “High Tax, High Crime Nancy Pelosi” and “MS-13 Lover Nancy Pelosi.”

So why put the brakes on his moniker-machine-of-mean now? Could it be Trump has more respect (fear) for Pelosi considering she is now Speaker of the House … a powerful woman who can take him down through impeachment proceedings?

For some fun, here is a list of nicknames Trump has come up with for some of his foes:

Crooked Hillary (Hillary Clinton)

Cheatin’ Obama (Barack Obama)

Mr. Magoo (Jeff Sessions)

Little Adam Schitt (Adam Schiff)

Low IQ Maxine Waters

Crazy Jim (Jim Acosta)

Sneaky Dianne (Dianne Feinstein)

Crazy Bernie (Bernie Sanders)

Cryin’ Chuck / Fake Tears Chuck Schumer

Low Energy Jeb Bush

Little Marco (Marco Rubio)

Little George Stephanopoulos

Lyin’ Ted (Ted Cruz)

Pocahontas / Goofy Elizabeth Warren

Little Rocket Man (Kim Jong Un)

Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd

Wacky (Frederica Wilson)

Liberal Puppet Jones (Doug Jones)

Wacky Omarosa (Omarosa Manigault Newman)

Maybe Donald Trump is not such a loose cannon after all? Maybe he has enough sense to realize how precarious his situation is and how much power Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds over him? Maybe he is not a total moron just a half-wit?

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Nancy Pelosi, Like Any Good Parent, Knows How To Treat A Temper Tantrum


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has politely requested that if the partial government shutdown is not resolved by the end of this week, Donald Trump should either postpone his scheduled State of the Union Address (January 29) or deliver it in writing.

Pelosi’s request seems eminently reasonable. Why go through the farce of having Trump declare how strong our Union is at a time when a large part of the government is shuttered … as a direct result of Trump’s own actions?

Why give Trump a platform to lie to the American people about the nature and cause of the shutdown? Why allow Trump to falsely accuse the Democrats of “obstruction”, as Rep. Steve Scalise and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell did recently?

Why allow for the optics of the entire Republican side of the aisle rising in unison with resounding applause when Trump badmouths the Democrats?

If Trump wants to deliver his “address”, let him do so from the Oval Office or wherever else he chooses.

Nancy is one smart cookie. She will not be a willing participant in what would surely be a Trump burlesque show.

Let’s face it, our Union is broken on so many levels … political, economic, social and moral. And no, it’s not simply because we have an incompetent, greedy narcissist in the White House but largely because of the current gang of Congressional Republicans lead by “Turtle-Face” McConnell.

So, no, we do not need Trump to take us on a trip to “Fantasy Island.”

The U.S. Constitution mandates in Article II, Section 3 that presidents “shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.”

But the Constitution gives no specifics on how that should be done. What we’ve come to know as the State of the Union address — the pageantry, the televised address and the President patting himself on the back — is a relatively recent phenomenon. And the practice of delivering an in-person speech before a joint session of Congress has not always been the norm.

Way to go, Nancy! Like any good parent, you know how to treat a child in the throes of a temper tantrum… you do not reward him.

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Trump Serves Up Some More Red Meat … This Time To Carnivorous College Athletes


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The man who is best-known for serving red meat to his base is today receiving flak for literally serving red meat to a bunch of college football players.

Yesterday Donald Trump, in the White House dining room, treated the Champion Clemson Tigers football team to a fast food extravaganza of burgers from America’s finest fast food establishments … McDonalds, Wendy’s and Burger King.

Critics have called Trump’s artery-clogging smorgasbord “tasteless”, but the young men seemed to enjoy their meal.

There is some dispute as to how much red meat was actually served. The number of burgers went from an original estimate of 300 to a staggering 1000! Another Trumpian whopper?

Trump tweeted today:

Great being with the National Champion Clemson Tigers last night at the White House. Because of the Shutdown I served them massive amounts of Fast Food (I paid), over 1000 hamburgers etc. Within one hour, it was all gone. Great guys and big eaters!

While White House staff told members of the press our junk-food-loving Commander in Chief was pleased with the festive and happy meal, he was disappointed about one thing …


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Republican Strategist Comes Up With Best Metaphor For Trump’s Oval Office Speech


Rick Wilson, the Republican strategist, is horrified at what his party has become under Donald Trump. A frequent critic of the man who hijacked his party, Wilson is the author of Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever.

A veritable wordsmith, Wilson heard Trump’s Oval Office address last night and couldn’t help himself … he let it rip.

Following is his opinion piece in today’s Daily Beast:

Donald Trump Delivers A Wet Fart Oval Office Address

Donald Trump has been a political escape artist since the beginnings of his shady, scummy, shiftless life. From his spurious (see what I did there?) evasion of the Vietnam War draft to his serial bankruptcies and business failures, his wrecked marriages, and his current reign of misrule, Donald Trump’s ability to detonate a media IED to distract from his troubles has always served him well. Whenever there’s trouble from some Trump outrage, he never apologizes, never corrects his behavior and never, ever goes forth and sins no more. Instead, he deliberately creates some larger outrage, tossing red meat to a media always eager to chase it.

That was the Trump shutdown from the beginning, and the reason for his manic insistence on “The Wall” scam as its justification.

On Tuesday night, Trump’s flaming dumpster train of distractions, lies, cons, and empty political promises flew off the rails and plunged into a mountain of burning tires in one of his worst public speeches.

After 17 days of a government-shutdown temper tantrum, Trump needed a game-changing home run of a speech to change the political climate in D.C. He failed.

This speech wasn’t about saving his utterly fake wall. The $5.7 billion he’s demanded as his vig for ending the shutdown isn’t even close to being seriously considered, and this speech was an overt admission he’s out of airspeed, altitude, and ideas. The crisis he proudly created will end without a wall, and he knows it.

This speech was supposed to be about forcing the national dialogue to stay on the border wall. No such luck. He reeked of defeat, clearly didn’t want to be there, and it showed.

Trump looked exhausted, squinty, and bored, reading in a near-monotone from the Teleprompter. It went over like a wet fart.

The hysterical Know-Nothing show that flooded America’s airwaves on Tuesday evening was Trumpian boilerplate: Scary immigrants are coming to kill you! Drugs are coming over the border!

The man who gleefully put kids in cages tried to briefly pretend he gives a damn about migrant children in the least convincing humanitarian performance since the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The dark warning of the dangerous brown tide coming across the border feeds the Breitbart/Fox News base with the same messages they’re getting every day, but it lacked the showmanship and agenda-changing power Trump hoped it would. Even if it had, just keeping the base’s amygdalas stoked doesn’t come close to solving his multiple political problems.

The speech can most accurately be seen as the death twitch of The Wall cult. Trump can’t deliver a product, so he’s looking to sell something different.

He said it tonight; the idea of a glorious concrete wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico is deader than that lemur he glues on his head every morning. It will, at most, be a fence. This is not what Trump’s supporters voted for. They voted for his sales pitch of a 30-foot concrete wall with laser moats, robot alligators, and minefields, all paid for by Mexico.

Donald Trump, as even the slowest members of the class have now noticed, is a lying liar who lies.

He is a gushing Niagara of lies, a torrential waterfall of deceptions, exaggerations, statistical manglings, and dumbfuck agitprop that insults the intelligence of Americans outside his base. He lies when the truth would suffice. He lies to cover up his own failings and inadequacies (“No, really. Your ruler must be wrong. That’s clearly 9 inches.”) and those lies drag his political supporters and the “conservative” commentariat into increasingly strained and elaborate defenses. Tonight didn’t disappoint when it came to lies of every flavor and scale.

As if readers of The Daily Beast needed reminding, there is no crisis on the border except the one in Donald Trump’s head. The number of immigrants is at an all-time low.

There is no brown wave of thousands of murderous MS-13 killers descending into every big city and small town in the United States. Armies of terrorists do not cross our border with Mexico every week. Drugs like fentanyl come from Mexico in limited amounts, but the vast majority comes from China. These problems exist, but not at a scale to justify either the Wall, Trump’s immigration positions, or creating a constitutional crisis and a government shutdown.

The fevered limbic imaginings of Ann Coulter, Mickey Kaus, Stephen Miller, Rep. Steve King, and the rest of the “we’re totally not racist xenophobes except when it comes to people darker than a Venti triple foam latte” may exist on the pages of Trumpbart and the screens of Fox, but facts are stubborn things, and almost every one of Trump’s “facts” about immigration springs from the minds of people like Coulter and Miller, not reality.

Trump’s speech contained more lies per second than any presidential speech in history, including William Howard Taft’s “I did not devour an entire roast lamb and drink a magnum of gravy to wash it down” speech, or Bill Clinton’s “I was at the gym. That’s just sweat.” classic.

But it notably did not include the declaration of emergency that Trump’s enablers and cheerleaders spent the day preparing to defend.

On the timeline where Trump pulled the trigger on the emergency declaration, we would have seen the nation consumed for weeks or months on litigation at every level, bitter fights of land seizure, a new level of authoritarian madness, and distractions from the economic chaos, and the rising heat in the Mueller investigation. For now, that party is off.

Sure, declaring a national emergency would be seen as a truly dangerous precedent, a big, risky gamble by a crazed political day trader willing to play Russian roulette with wild expansions of executive and federal power to feed the overtly racist elements of his base. In the era of Trump, you’re never off base to bet on the darkest motivations and most evil explanations for his behavior.

Somehow, though, the White House staff and congressional voices convinced Trump at the last minute to step back from the brink; that the political costs of the emergency declaration were too great even for this raging dumpster fire of an administration. You could see the disappointment in Trump’s face. He was unhappy with the speech, and evidently cranky to be told he couldn’t have his way. Curses! Cucked by the Establishment, again!

President Veruca Salt demanded his Wall and bet his most fundamental campaign promise on it. He walked himself into a political box canyon of a foolish government shutdown, an untenable demand, and Democrats motivated to hold the line. The speech wasn’t the usual trick escape play for the man accustomed to getting away with damn near everything; it was the exact opposite.

The Wall is dead. The shutdown will end. Donald Trump blew it, bigly.

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