Dems Need To Adopt New Governing Maxim – WWRD (What Would Republicans Do)


If you’re like me, you’ve had it with Democrats allowing Republicans to walk all over them. You’ve had enough of them always wanting to play nice-nice. You’ve had it with them continually bringing a knife to a gun fight. You’ve had it with all that feel good, bipartisan, reaching-across- the-aisle malarkey.

As the canonized former president (Ronald Reagan) once said, “we don’t negotiate with terrorists.” Republicans have long shown us who they are and, as Maya Angelou would say, you need to “believe them.”

Already there are signs that Democrats will go soft on Trump and his cronies once they regain power. Sources are reporting that Biden, forever the institutionalist, is not in favor of investigating and possibly prosecuting Trump for his many proven and alleged crimes.

“He’s going to be more oriented toward fixing the problems and moving forward than prosecuting them,” said one Biden adviser, drawing comparisons to former President Barack Obama’s refusal to prosecute the Bush-era architects and perpetrators of CIA and U.S. military torture.

If the tables were reversed, could you ever imagine Republicans letting bygones be bygones? Could you ever dream of them doing the right thing, even if it meant going against their political self-interest? Never. Well, that’s exactly what Biden seems to want to do. Some unnamed sources are saying Biden believes that pursuing charges against Trump would further divide a deeply divided nation and distract from his administration’s agenda.

Joe, if you go easy on Trump and let him off the hook, you’ll be riling up another base … yours! Polls have consistently shown that a majority of Americans want Trump criminally investigated. They don’t want retribution. They simply want justice. Fail to investigate Trump and his cronies, and you will lose a good chunk of those who voted for you.

As Matt Ford, writing for The New Republic, put it, “If Biden truly wants to move the country forward, he needs to show that there are consequences for the misdeeds perpetrated under Trump. Only by revisiting this grim chapter in American history, and by penalizing those who broke the law, can this country move forward.”

So I’m with Rep. Bill Pascrell, chairman of the Oversight Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee.

“In 2021 the entire Trump administration must be fully investigated by the Department of Justice and any other relevant offices,” Pascrell said. “Trump along with his worst enablers must be tried for their crimes against our nation and Constitution. Importantly, any further abuse of the sacred pardon power to shield criminals would itself be obstruction of justice, and any self-pardons would be illegal.”

Look, we either are a nation bound by the rule of law or we’re not. If Trump’s crimes are simply swept under the rug, forgiven for the “good of the country,” we wouldn’t have much of a country, would we?

Yes, it goes against their very nature for Democrats to play hardball. They would rather “go high” when others “go low.” And maybe, in a more perfect world, one ruled by decency and honor, it might be best to turn the other cheek.

But we don’t live in such a world … and haven’t lived there in quite some time.

So, it is high time for Democrats to abandon WWJD (what would Jesus do) and adopt WWRD (what would Republicans do). Sometimes you just have to listen to Trump when he once described his favorite Bible passage (Exodus 21-24): “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

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Trump “Concession” Speech Leaked


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White House sources have revealed Trump is prepared to give his concession speech … soon. 

Below is the leaked copy:

Four years ago, we won a huge victory against Crooked Hillary, with the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan. On my inauguration day, we witnessed something so beautiful … the largest presidential inauguration crowd in history.

And over the past four years we’ve gotten so much done … more than any other administration. So much winning! We won on the military, we won on taxes, we won on the economy, we won on unemployment, we won on trade deals, we won on deregulation, we won on religion, we won on the wall and we won against the China virus.

And now, after a rigged election, people say I should congratulate Sleepy Joe Biden and concede. But how do you concede when all the courts are saying the election was stolen from us through voter fraud? My attorney, Rudy Giuliani, a big baseball fan, keeps saying “it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” That’s why we’re fighting so hard for democracy, the rule of law and our Constitution.

If you count only the legal votes, there is no doubt I won. Remember when the fake news media said Hillary got three million more votes than me? If you didn’t count the votes of all those illegal Mexican criminals and rapists in California, I got more votes. Now they say Sleepy Joe got six million more votes than me? More fraud, more fake news.

But even though this election was totally unfair, I have decided to leave the White House on January 20. 2021. 

I am hereby announcing my candidacy for president in 2024. I will continue to hold many, many big beautiful rallies.

Our new slogan will be “Make America Great Again … All Over Again” 

I am also using the vast powers given me by Article 2 of the Constitution to pardon myself, my friends and my family of any and all potential crimes, from the start of time to infinity.

So, to all patriotic Americans, stand back and stand by until I’m back in your House in four years.

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Late Night TV Hosts Forced To Rehire Comedy Writers?


While Donald Trump has been an unmitigated disaster for the country, he has been comedy gold for late night TV hosts. Call Trump the grift that keeps on giving.

As a result of his election defeat, hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden and Seth Meyers won’t have Donald Trump to “kick around anymore.”

With Trump in office, the comedy practically wrote itself. Writers … who needs writers? All the late night funnymen had to do was report the Trump news of the day to fill their monologues.

Who can forget some of the best material Trump provided … peddling Clorox as a coronavirus cure; claiming noise from windmills causes cancer; boasting “No one is tougher on Russia than me”; saying the hurricane is wet “from the standpoint of water”; offering I would never do her, “she’s not my type”; claiming “I’m a stable genius, OK?”; and observing Puerto Rico is “an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water” … and that’s just the tip of the comedy ice berg Trump blessed the TV stars with.

Perhaps no late night show relied more heavily on Trump material than The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In fact, his entire nightly monologue, normally about ten minutes, has been all Trump, all the time, for the last four years.

Yet Colbert is not too upset his comedy source is drying up.

Reminded by his wife he no longer has to talk about Trump every day, Colbert cried tears of relief during one of last week’s shows.

“For the first time in four years, we’ll be able to shift our collective focus away from him, onto anything else. Maybe each other, wouldn’t that be nice?” said Colbert. “I mean, I woke up this morning and I was walking down the steps and I just felt all this available brain space. It’s not filled with anything else yet. It’s just like a clean kitchen counter where something could be made if we’re just not cluttering it up with that guy.”

The Trump presidency has been very good for Colbert. Though it was a bumpy start after taking over The Late Show from David Letterman in 2015, Colbert’s show has consistently been the most-watched late night program according to Nielson.

Will Colbert’s ratings slip when he’s forced to do non-Trumpian material? Perhaps, but the comedian ended his opening monologue last week by praising Biden with a message of hope that the president-elect will bring a sense of normalcy back to the country.

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Thousands Of Trump Supporters Flock To DC For Sore Losers March


In a scene that no doubt is being replicated across the country, hordes of Trump supporters have gathered today in the nation’s capital to protest “voter fraud “and Biden’s stolen election.

Many loyal followers either believe Trump actually won the election or that there is still time for him to “pull it out.” The sentiment of many is that “this is far from over.”

As reported in USA Today, some Trump supporters can’t see how Biden legitimately won:

Marcello Milone, who traveled with his family, including his 15-year-old son, from South Carolina, said they were there to “demand the truth.”

“I don’t understand how the country went to bed with Trump up by tons of votes on Election Night then days later Biden is called the winner,” he said, waving an American flag. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Mr. Milone, it’s actually quite simple … in a democracy, the person with the most votes wins! (OK, in the U.S. it’s the presidential candidate with the most Electoral College votes!) You tabulate the ballots until they are all counted. And, no, legitimate votes are not only those received by your favored candidate.

You’re a sports fan, Mr. Milone, right? Then I’m sure you know, as in any sport, the halftime score is meaningless. You play the game until the final tick of the clock.

Funny, after Trump’s dubious win in 2016, Hillary Clinton graciously conceded defeat on election night.

Trump loyalists at the time implored Dems to “Suck it up, buttercup. Trump won. Get over it.”

Of course, Trump will never concede defeat. And neither will Republicans abandon Trumpism, not when he received over 73 million votes.

For anyone who thought American democracy has restored by Biden’s victory, it’s time to think again.

American democracy is broken … whether irrevocably remains to be seen. 

Trump’s fan base is loyal and passionate, as demonstrated by today’s rallies. 

As I write this, a group of Trump supporters have gathered in front of city hall, across from where I live, chanting “four more years!” Many are honking horns, from cars and trucks festooned with Trump flags.

Unless Trump eventually finds himself behind bars, look for him to continue to lead his cult followers and do all he can to make the next four years a living hell for Biden and his administration … and our great nation.


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Beware Of Lame-Duck L’Orange


Donald Trump hates losers. Unfortunately, thanks to the record number of voters (76 million and counting) that rejected his reelection bid, Trump has joined a select group of presidential losers.

Trump now has teamed up with nine other presidents who were rejected by the American voters they had led for four years.

The group includes John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, Franklin Pierce, Benjamin Harrison, William Howard Taft, Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.

It is safe to say none of the other losing presidents were the kind of sore losers as Donald Trump. None labeled their electoral loss fraudulent and rigged. None refused to accept defeat and concede.

According to Mary Trump, the president’s niece, “… he’s not going to engage in the normal activities that guarantee a peaceful transition. All he’s got now is breaking stuff, and he’s going to do that with a vengeance.”

“He’ll be having meltdowns upon meltdowns right now,” Mary Trump added. “He has never been in a situation like this before. What’s interesting is that Donald has never won anything legitimately in his entire life, but because he has been so enabled by people along the way, he has never lost anything either. He’s the kind of person who thinks that even if you steal and cheat to win, you deserve to win.”

It didn’t take long after Trump was declared a loser for him to strike out. He fired his Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, an act many are calling a national security risk.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Adam Smith, warned, the firing “is a destabilizing move that will only embolden our adversaries and put our country at greater risk.” He went on to say, “President Trump’s decision to fire Secretary Esper out of spite is not just childish, it’s also reckless.” Esper, if you recall, had the temerity of not being totally loyal to Trump.

But does Trump care about national security? Has he ever cared about anything but himself? Of course not!  All he knows is that he has just 70 days to create chaos and settle old scores.

So, what can we expect during Trump’s lame-duck period? More firings, for sure, and a bunch of pardons meant to incense the libs. There will be some controversial executive orders. There will be no dealing with the coronavirus. There will be no smooth transition of power. And, no doubt, Trump will find ways, for the last time, to enrich himself at the public’s expense as he heads out the door.

As Eric Lutz of Vanity Fair put it so well, “Unable to face the reality of his circumstances, he is doubling down on his delusions—that the world is conspiring against him; that he’s the big, strong winner he’s always claimed to be. He wants to convince his supporters, the courts, and himself that he is both victim and victor and has made clear that he’ll burn everything to the ground to do so.”

Buckle up for a dangerous ride.

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Now That Trump Will Be Moving On, Where Will He Be Moving To?


On January 20, 2021, Donald Trump will become a private citizen. Gone will be the presidential “cloak of immunity” he has enjoyed over the past four years.

Trump is facing a number of investigations and lawsuits, both civil and criminal. Perhaps the most serious, and consequential, probe is the one being conducted by Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance.

Trump and the Trump Organization have been the subjects of a criminal investigation, by Vance, for the past two years. While it originally  focused on hush money payments Trump made to two women prior to the 2016 election, Vance has suggested in recent court filings that his probe is now broader and could include bank, tax and insurance fraud, as well as falsification of business records.

Facing heavy financial penalties, and possible jail time, it has long been speculated Trump might leave the country before the long arm of the law catches up with him. Trump has even suggested such a move at one of his recent rallies. 

“Could you imagine if I lose?” said Trump. “My whole life, what am I going to do? I’m going to say, ‘I lost to the worst candidate in the history of politics.’ I’m not going to feel so good. Maybe I’ll have to leave the country?”

Some dismissed this as Trump joking. But Trump does not have a sense of humor. Could he have been planting a seed in the minds of his loyal followers?

If Trump were to hightail it to another country, it would have to be one without an extradition treaty with the United States. Many are speculating Trump might flee to Russia. He could then spend his remaining days in the land of his idol and political benefactor, Vladimir Putin. 

Here is a list of countries that do not have an extradition treaty with the United States. Where should Trump move to? Where would you move to?

While many Americans would like to see Trump behind bars, the odds are greater he skips the country for some foreign shore. One with golf courses … of course!

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Yes, Let’s Celebrate The End Of Our National Nightmare, But Houston, We Have A Problem


The unimaginable does not have to be imagined. Donald Trump will not be returning to the White House for four more years of corruption, ineptitude and chaos. Decency and honor will be restored to our troubled land by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

When all is said and done, Joe Biden will have received the most votes ever for a presidential candidate, currently totaling just over 74 million. But trailing right behind, moving into second place for most votes in American history, is Donald Trump, who stands at just over 70 million votes.

In 2016, Donald Trump received just under 63 million votes to Hillary Clinton’s nearly 66 million votes.

Even with the disaster that has been the Trump presidency, Donald Trump has, so far, increased his vote total by nearly 7 million! This is after shredding America’s rule of law, ignoring the Constitution, mishandling a once in a lifetime pandemic and resulting economic collapse, and otherwise running the federal government like a criminal enterprise.

Yes, Trump may be gone but it appears Trumpism is here to stay.

The hope that this election would be a clear repudiation of Trump and his governing style did not materialize. Far from the GOP getting a wakeup call to reform its ways, Republicans will see Trump’s numbers, even though not enough to win reelection, as vindication that they should stay their Trumpian course. 

And yes, Joe Biden promised to be the president of both blue and red states. He’s pledged to unite and heal the country, but how do you do that when nearly half of all Americans thought reelecting Trump was a good idea? 

 A mid-October poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 85 percent of registered voters described Americans as greatly divided in their values, and only 15 percent say democracy in the United States is working.

Now, don’t expect Trump to do the right thing by being a gracious loser. Odds are he will insist to his loyal followers the election was stolen from him and that Biden is not a legitimate president.

Let’s all pray Joe can make good on his promise. Let’s hope Americans can call a truce to its festering Hatfield-McCoy feud. 

As Biden has said,” We may be opponents — but we are not enemies. We are Americans.”

May God bless the United States of America.

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That Bottle Of Champagne In The Back Of My Fridge


There is a bottle of champagne in the back of my fridge waiting to be consumed Tuesday night. 

I will either drink it to celebrate what I hope will be a Biden/Harris victory (or at least will look like one) or down it to drown my sorrows over a possible Trump reelection.

That bottle of champagne in the back of my fridge knows the way in which it will be indulged, but has kept mum.

That bottle of champagne knows if our 244-year-old American experiment in democracy will live or die, but not a peep.

That bottle of champagne that stares back at me every time I open the refrigerator door knows I’m neverous with anticipation, but not a hint.

Oh, the hell with you! I’m taking you out right now! Yes, I know it’s only 9 am on a Sunday but this waiting game, this uncertainty, has gotten to me.

But not to worry, my perfectly chilled friend . There is a six-pack of Stella Artois ready to take your place come election night.

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Election 2020 … Perfect Storm, In Reverse, For Trump?


Against the odds, Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016.

Many likened Trump’s improbable win to that of drawing an inside straight in poker. Yes, Lady Luck was on Trump’s side in 2016 … just like that fickle mistress of chance appears to be against him in 2020.

In 2016, a number of unlikely, and unusual, events led to Trump’s odds-defying victory over Hillary Clinton.

First you had Trump running against a flawed, and damaged, opponent. The Republican effort to run the former secretary of state into the ground, through bogus investigations, paid off. It was House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, who gave away the game when he famously blurted out, “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping.”

Then there was the James Comey factor. Just days prior to the 2016 election, the FBI Director wrote a letter to Congress in which he stated the FBI had newly “learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation” into the private email server that Clinton used as secretary of state. This was after Comey cleared Clinton of any wrongdoing just a few months before. The Comey revelation upended the news cycle at a critical juncture in the presidential race and soon halved Clinton’s lead in the polls.

There was, of course, the concerted effort by the Russians to affect the outcome of the election in favor of Trump.

Throw in your usual Republican voter suppression and you had the perfect storm that swept Trump into power.

In 2020, you still have Republican efforts to suppress the votes of those unlikely to vote their way … but with a twist. This time around, the strategy seems to be backfiring as determined Democrats are doing everything within their power to make their voices heard … including waiting in voting lines for up to 11 hours.

Then there is the once in a lifetime pandemic and it’s total mishandling by the Trump administration, with over 225,000 Americans dead, and counting.

There is the resultant tanking of the economy, with millions of Americans unemployed and numerous businesses lost. Trump’s strong suit … severely damaged.

Add into the mix Trump’s failed response to multiple instances of police brutality and the systematic racism it laid bare.

Today we are seeing young people so concerned about their future, and the environment, that they are doing the unthinkable … heading to the polls in record numbers.

Trump, no doubt, is in a heap of trouble. Can he still win reelection? Yes, but he will need to draw a royal flush this time around.

By all appearances, Luck will not be a lady to Trump in 2020. It seems she is blowing on some other guy’s dice.

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Joe, It’s Not Too Late … Agree To More Debates!


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Conventional political wisdom has it that the frontrunner in an election wants fewer debates, while the underdog always wants more. So, this summer, when the Trump campaign floated the idea of more debates (over and above the three already agreed to), Biden did the predictable thing … he rejected the offer.

But, as we all know, there is nothing conventional when it comes to Donald Trump. 

As the first presidential debate showed, Trump is his own worst enemy. Many commentators described that first debate as “the worst ever,” thanks mainly to Trump’s obnoxious antics.

And now we’ve had a town hall where Trump, once again, did little to improve his standing among voters … thanks, in part, to the skillful moderating by Savannah Guthrie.

Another tidbit of political wisdom is that, while debates may draw viewers, they rarely change minds.

But with Trump, we may have that rare exception!

Many pundits agree that Trump was the clear loser in both “debates.” They believe he not only failed to improve his electoral chances, but he was so off-putting that he actually may have hurt his odds of winning reelection.

So, go ahead Joe, agree to more “debates” … as many as Trump wants! You’re free tomorrow night, right?

More of Trump’s objectionable shtick can only sway more undecided voters to your camp, Joe, and may even peel off some soft Republican support.

Just one caveat, Mr. Vice President. Any debates you agree to, insist that they are moderated by Savannah Guthrie!

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