It’s Time For This Simple “Sense Of The Congress” Resolution


Nearly two months since Joe Biden’s inauguration, some Republican members of Congress still have trouble saying his November election was valid and that he won fair and square.

And it’s easy to see why.

In a recent poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, about two-thirds of Republicans say Joe Biden was not legitimately elected president.

This is why you had Rep. Steve Scalise, second in command of the House Republicans, waffling when ABC host Jonathan Karl asked him a simple, straightforward question.

“Joe Biden won the election,” Karl asked. “He is the legitimate president of the United States. The election was not stolen, correct?”

 “Look, Joe Biden’s the president,” said Scalise. “There were a few states that did not follow their state laws. That’s really the dispute that you’ve seen continue on.”

Karl persisted.

“Congressman, I know Joe Biden’s the president,” Karl said. “He lives at the White House. I asked you, is he the legitimate president of the United States, and do you concede that this election was not stolen? Very simple question. Please just answer it.”

“Look, once the electors are counted, yes, he’s the legitimate president,” Scalise said. “But if you’re going to ignore the fact that there were states that did not follow their own state legislatively set laws, that’s the issue at heart, that millions of people still are not happy with and don’t want to see happen again.”

This nonsense has got to end.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer need to introduce, to their respective chambers, this simple resolution: “Joe Biden is the duly-elected 46th president of the United States.”

“Sense of the Congress” resolutions do not create law, do not require the signature of the President and are not enforceable. What they do is force individual members of Congress to go on the record as supporting or opposing a particular policy or concept.

Putting Congressional Republicans on the spot serves at least two important purposes. It officially forces their hands, putting them on record over the Biden “legitimacy” question, hopefully cutting off any more of this “Biden is president … but” foolishness. It will also, I’m guessing, show Biden and the rest of the Democrats exactly what they are dealing with. It may finally convince some moderate Democrats that reaching across the aisle is futile.

How can you have bipartisanship when X amount of Republican lawmakers don’t believe the president of the United States legitimately holds office? This resolution might convince all Democrats (looking at you Manchin and Sinema) that ending the filibuster is the only way Biden’s agenda can go forward.

And while a “no vote” will not get a representative or senator expelled (need 2/3 vote) it most likely will get him or her censured as only a majority vote is needed.

So what is your vote, Mr. “I-have-no-sense-of-shame-or-dignity” Cruz. Is that a yea or a nay?

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Trump Vows To Appeal Supreme Court Decision On Taxes


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The United States Supreme Court issued a devasting decision yesterday when it refused to block the release of Trump’s tax returns to the Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance.

In what has become a reflex action whenever Trump is on the losing end of a court case, he vowed to appeal the ruling, saying it allows for the “greatest political Witch Hunt in the history of our country” to continue.

In a lengthy written response to the decision, Trump attacked the Court for letting “this ‘fishing expedition’ happen” in the first place.

No one around the former-occupant-of-the-White-House had the nerve to inform him that the Supreme Court is the highest court in the land; that it is known as the court of last resort for a reason.

It is quite possible Donald Trump believes the World Court, headquartered in the Hague, has jurisdiction over the U.S. Supreme Court but, if he had paid attention in his high school history class, he’d know the court, also known as the International Court of Justice, settles disputes involving sovereign states in accordance with international law.

Or is it possible Trump has fallen into a Louis XIV mindset … “L’etat, c’est moi”?

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What? Trump Will Talk About The Future Of The Republican Party At CPAC?

According to a source, Donald Trump will be “talking about the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement” at this week’s CPAC conference in Orlando, Florida. It seems the former-occupant-of-the-White-House will be taking time off from his usual weekend of golf to address what some have called “the largest and most influential gathering of conservatives in the world.”

It should be a neat trick, considering how the Republican Party is, well, … dead!

The Republican Party, as we knew it, entered its death throes five years ago when it decided to hitch its fortunes to a narcissistic, two-bit con man. It ceased being a major political party when it passed up the chance (twice!) to rid itself of an incompetent, criminal buffoon through impeachment.

What we have today is the Party of Trump or, as Prince might have put it, “the party formerly known as the GOP.” If there is any doubt, just look at some recent surveys showing Trump’s strength among Republicans.  In a Suffolk University/ USA TODAY poll, by a whopping margin of 46%-27%, Republican voters say they would abandon the GOP and join the Trump party if he decided to create one. Their loyalty is obviously to the man, not to a 167-year-old political organization.

Cindy McCain said the other day that the Republican Party is still up for grabs, predicting that her moderate wing of the GOP could mount a comeback.

“Our side, it’s swung way to the right. It’ll come back. It’ll come back” said McCain.

Sorry, Cindy, but I don’t think so. If there ever was a civil war among Republicans, that war is over.

Moderates like McCain, along with others such as Romney, Collins and Murkowski might want to remain blind to the fact that their beloved party is now the Party of Trump but, when you have an establishment group like CPAC rolling out the red carpet for a man who fomented a violent uprising against the Capitol, who still insists the 2020 election was stolen from him … and CPAC will no doubt cater to Trump’s fantasies … you know the GOP of old is kaput.

If anything, today’s Republican Party, if you still want to call it that, is the party of Green, Boebert, Jordon, Gaetz and the like.

Unlike McCain, I predict old-time conservatives will eventually face the facts (and their consciences), see their party has been irretrievably hijacked by Trump and his band of “wacko birds”, leave the party to declare as independents, or perhaps start a third party.

The Party of Trump seems to be here to stay for the foreseeable future (too late, Mitch … it’s a long way down from that tightrope!).

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Trump Defense Lawyers Celebrate Victory They Had Nothing To Do With


In true Trumpian fashion, Trump’s defense lawyers are taking credit for something they had no hand in … the Senate’s acquittal of their client on impeachment charges.

“We’re going to Disney World,” Trump lawyer Michael van der Veen joked to reporters following the trial. He was later photographed fist-bumping a colleague.

The whole world knows (as I guess so did Trump’s lawyers) that the fix was in and that their presence at the impeachment trial was nothing more than legal window-dressing. They could not lose no matter what baseless, whacked-out, bogus defense they came up with.

There was no way 17 Republican senators were going to join 50 of their Democratic colleagues to reach the two-thirds vote needed to convict Trump.

Trump’s defense lawyers did not have to be articulate, competent or prepared. It didn’t matter. They just needed to show up.

Because the Senate’s verdict was a forgone conclusion, House impeachment managers were wise not to bring in witnesses. Why further delay the inevitable? The case they presented against Trump, even without witness testimony, was open and shut. Just ask Mitch McConnell!

I wonder if Trump’s lawyers ever bothered to read the reviews of their “lawyering?” Because of their bumbling, buffoonish efforts, “My Cousin Vinny” trended on Twitter.

Of course, that is an insult to Vincent LaGuardia Gambini who won his case after winning over an impartial, some might even say hostile, jury!

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Maybe What Democrats Need Is A Mitch McConnell?


I can’t stand the guy. Yet, I’m in awe of his genius … his evil genius. Machiavelli has nothing on old Mitch McConnell.

There he was yesterday accusing Donald Trump of being guilty as sin just moments after voting to acquit him of what Liz Cheney called the greatest “betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”

In a devastating takedown rivaling the closing arguments made by the House impeachment managers, McConnell tore into Trump for his “disgraceful dereliction of duty” saying, “There is no question — none — that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day.” 

So how could McConnell not vote to convict Trump? 

Here is where the evil mastermind’s cleverness comes in. Mitch voted to acquit Trump because he didn’t believe the Senate had the power to convict a president out of office. Of course, we all know that scenario came about only because McConnell refused to hold the Senate impeachment trial while Trump was still in office. Sheer brilliance!

McConnell knew that the only way his Republican colleagues could vote against convicting Trump was on technical grounds, no matter how phony, as the facts of the January 6 Capitol riot were never really in dispute. So, McConnell provided the cover … and 42 of his fellow Republican comrades, voting to give Trump a pass, wrapped themselves in the warm blanket of Mitch’s duplicity.

But McConnell’s speech after the Senate’s acquittal vote showed even more of his shrewdness.

It has been reported that McConnell wants Trump gone and out of the way. But he could not let his fellow Republicans do the job for fear of angering Trump’s loyal base. 

“President Trump is still liable for everything he did while in office,” McConnell said. “He didn’t get away with anything yet. We have a criminal justice system in this country.”

There you have it. Let someone else (state attorneys general, the Justice Dept) do the dirty work!

While Trump might be the most corrupt president in U.S. history, can there be any doubt Mitch McConnell is among the more cunning, devious political leaders ever to hold public office?

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No, Republicans Are Not Afraid Of Trump … They’re Scared Of His Lynch Mob


Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial in the Senate starts tomorrow. The prevailing sentiment is that the Republican senators will vote to acquit Trump because of what the vindictive man-who-once-occupied-the-White-House might do to their political careers if they go against him.

I’m thinking it’s much more basic than that. What Republican senators are most afraid of is for their own personal safety. They do not want to stir up that hornet’s nest otherwise known as the MAGA mob.

Trump’s supporters, many of whom have said they would defend Trump to the death, are not shy about threatening the safety of any Republican who turns on their hero or doesn’t acquiesce to his wishes.

If you remember, many in the Trump-inspired horde that stormed the Capitol on January 6 were looking for Mike Pence. More specifically, they were looking to hang Mike Pence! And what was the otherwise bootlicking VP’s offense? He refused Trump’s request to break the law by trying to stop the Electoral College vote count.

Speaking about his Republican colleagues the day of the impeachment vote in the House, Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) said, “The majority of them are paralyzed with fear. I had a lot of conversations with my Republican colleagues last night, and a couple of them broke down in tears — saying that they are afraid for their lives if they vote for this impeachment.”

So, because of Trump’s goon squad, we are no longer a nation regulated by laws, and the Constitution, but one governed by mob rule?

Some have suggested the Senate should take its vote through a secret ballot.

Robert Reich tweeted recently, “February vote in Senate on whether to convict Trump should be a secret ballot in order to (1) protect safety of senators, and (2) allow them to vote their consciences. Same protections as jurors in most trials. Senate Dems could do this with 51 votes.”

Yes, that might work, Bob, but it’s not going to happen.

While Senate rules provide for a secret ballot, if 20 Republicans vote against such a move, it’s a no-go. In other words, if only one-fifth of the chamber wants the vote to be public, it will be public. End of story.

Also, what are the chances that such a vote would remain private? Slim is the first word that comes to mind.

As Philip Bump writes in the Washington Post, “But it is also almost certain that a number of senators who think Trump deserves to be found guilty will instead vote to acquit out of fear of political — or physical — repercussions. There’s no secret ballot that can change that.”

I agree with Mr. Bump, but I’m betting the physical overshadows the political.

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Trump Hires Top D.C. Law Firm After Exodus of Current Legal Team


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With little more than one week before the start of his impeachment trial in the Senate, Donald Trump’s entire legal team has quit.

But, with the kind of swift action Trump has come to be known for, the Washington D.C. law firm of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe has been hired to take up his defense.

It is believed the firm’s senior partner, Mr. Cheatem, will personally head Mr. Trump’s legal efforts.

When asked how he plans to defend the former, now twice-impeached president, Mr. Cheatem offered a very basic, elemental strategy.

“We are going to impress upon the Republican Senators who will control Mr. Trump’s fate, ‘If you wish to remain in office, you must not f**k us’.”

With such a brilliant, yet simple, legal strategy, is there any wonder why Dewey, Cheatem & Howe is D.C.’s premier law firm?

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Trump’s Post-Presidency Priority Is To Work On Election Integrity! (No, This Is Not Satire)×0.jpgfitscale.jpeg

I have to admit, it was a challenge writing satirical pieces about Trump and his administration over the last four years. What started out as an attempt at light-hearted humor often ended up as Trumpian reality.

The highlight of my efforts to make fun of the-man-who-no-longer-occupies-the-White-House was a story I wrote about Trump’s deranged pardons. The article was titled, “Trump Pardons Charles Manson.” 

What made that story memorable was that it was picked up by then-presidential candidate Marianne Williamson who did not realize it was “fake news.” She tweeted to her 2.8 million followers, “There is something deeply sinister about Trump pardoning Charles Manson, even posthumously. Dog whistles of the very worst possible kind …”

The brouhaha that arose over Williamson’s faux pas made its way into many media outlets. The story even found its way into Jimmy Fallon’s monologue on the Tonight Show! Williamson withdrew her candidacy weeks later. Coincidence? Ha!

So, when I read an article today in the very conservative, titled, “Key Advisor Reveals Trump’s Post-Presidency Plans,” I was shocked to learn just what those plans were! In any other publication the linking of Trump with election integrity would, no doubt, be parody.

Here is part of the very real piece written by Beth Baumann:

Now that President Donald Trump has left the White House, many Americans are wondering what he plans to do next. There have been rumors about him starting a new political party, known as the Patriot Party. But, according to one of his key advisors, Jason Miller, Trump plans to focus on something bigger and far more important: election integrity.

Just one day after boarding Air Force One with the Trump family on their venture from Washington, D.C. to Mar-a-Lago, Miller told “Just the News AM” that the former president has a couple of goals over the next few years, including “winning back the House and the Senate for Republicans in 2022 to make sure that we can stop the Democratic craziness.”

“You’re also going to see him emerge as the nation’s leader on ballot and voting integrity,” he said.

According to Miller, Trump wants to focus on voter integrity but that work will never take place in Washington, D.C. because Democrats don’t believe there is a threat to America’s elections. Instead, Trump is likely to work with individual states and state legislatures to create reforms. 

If you have the time, read the comments of some of Trump’s more ardent supporters. The belief that Trump had the election stolen from him, and that he is right to fight for “fair elections,” is all too real to those wackadoodles.

Sorry, President Biden, but there can never be normalcy again in our great country until a writer’s attempt at political satire is no longer at his peril.

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50 Years and Donald Trump


Article courtesy of guest contributor, Alden Loveshade

By vote totals alone, Donald Trump is considered the most supported conservative Republican president in American history. But he still lost the 2020 presidential election. So to prepare for the future, it’s time to ask, what is a conservative Republican?

A Republican is, of course, a member of the Republican Party. As for conservative, Merriam-Webster defines it as “one who adheres to traditional methods or views.” So let’s get traditional, and view the methods and background of the American presidency of 50 years ago.

The American president of half a century ago wasn’t born rich; he was born into a poor family. He married one, and only one, woman; they honeymooned in Mexico, and remained married until parted by death.

As a young man, he was exempt from the draft due to his religious affiliation, and possibly qualified for deferment because he worked in government service. But in spite of his exemption, he applied for and joined the United States Navy, and was awarded for his service. Later, he became a leader against Soviet Communism.

In spite of his active military duty, he worked for peace. He believed that America should encourage Israel to make peace with its Arab neighbors, and worked to restart the Middle East Peace Negotiations.

The president of 50 years ago ended America’s involvement in a major war. He worked to build diplomatic relations with China, and supported détente and the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty. He called for a higher percentage of immigrant visas for professionals, needed workers and even refugees, with additional visas for people from Mexico.

To support fighting diseases scientifically, he pushed for more spending on sickle-cell disease research, and signed the National Cancer Act, beginning the War on Cancer.

He signed into law the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a regulatory agency to insure that corporations had to follow guidelines for the safety of their workers.

In favor of conservation, he established the Environmental Protection Agency. And he signed into law the Endangered Species Act. And the National Environmental Policy Act. 

He opposed violent protest. He personally stood up to anti-American demonstrators, impressing even his enemies. Before becoming president, during a time when civil rights were controversial, he pushed for African American civil rights and economic equity. As president, he helped shepherd the Civil Rights Act.

Before running for president, he had 14 years experience as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and as Vice President of the United States. In his first presidential bid, he very narrowly lost. In spite of suspicion of voter fraud in highly populated states, he did not challenge his loss. He said he believed challenging the election results would be bad for America and for its image in the eyes of other nations.

When he won the presidency several years later, he promised his administration would work to bring the divided nation together. He said, “the greatest honor history can bestow is the title of peacemaker.”

His inaugural address received almost uniformly positive reviews, It spoke of a new age of unity, and said:

“In these difficult years, America has suffered from a fever of words; from inflated rhetoric that promises more than it can deliver; from angry rhetoric that fans discontents into hatreds; from bombastic rhetoric that postures instead of persuading. We cannot learn from one another until we stop shouting at one another, until we speak quietly enough so that our words can be heard as well as our voices.”

That president 50 years ago was not a liberal Democrat. He was the conservative Republican Richard M. Nixon.

Has Donald Trump adhered to those traditional, conservative, Republican methods and views? If not, then the 74+ million people who voted for him in 2020, and the even more millions who didn’t, might want to ask themselves this question: What happened to the Republican Party in the last 50 years, and whose views and methods has it gone back to?

The author is well aware of controversy over Nixon’s presidency. He freely admits the facts presented were primarily chosen to show contrast between Richard M. Nixon and Donald J. Trump.

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Trump Vows To Fight On … “Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?”


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After having been rejected by nearly every court in the land, including what he thought was his “sure thing,” the Supreme Court, , Donald Trump has made it known he is not a quitter.

“It’s not over. We keep going,” Trump said in an interview with Fox News that aired today but was taped yesterday at the Army-Navy football game. “And we’re going to continue to go forward.”

Channeling the words of the indomitable John Blutarsky, Trump is reported to have said, “Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”

The same sources report that while Trump is prepared to fully engage in battle, he has shunned the military option as it “could take years and cost millions of lives.”

“No,” Trump said, “this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture on our part… and I’m just the guy to do it.”

It is believed Trump will be making his final, and desperate, legal appeal to TV’s Judge Judy.

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