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Trump Asks, Are Americans “Dumb Enough?”


With the latest controversy over whether Donald Trump might have risked our national security by making certain promises to a foreign leader, Trump took to Twitter to defend himself:

Another Fake News story out there – It never ends! Virtually anytime I speak on the phone to a foreign leader, I understand that there may be many people listening from various U.S. agencies, not to mention those from the other country itself. No problem!

…Knowing all of this, is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially “heavily populated” call.

A more correct tweet would have read:

Is anyone dumb enough to believe I would not say something inappropriate with a foreign leader?

After all, this is the same ”small dude” (thanks, Kamala Harris) who spilled classified information to Russians during a White House meeting shortly after getting into office.

This is the same “small dude” who Jay Inslee, during a Democratic presidential debate, labeled “the biggest threat to the security of the United States.”

This is the same “small dude” who met with Vladimir Putin without any aides … and then took the interpreter’s notes.

This is the same “small dude” who caused the U.S. to extract “one of its highest-level covert sources inside the Russian government” in 2017 in part because of concerns that mishandling of classified intelligence by Trump and his administration could jeopardize the source’s safety.

Yes, Mr. so-called president, there are enough Americans “dumb enough” to believe anything. How else could you have gotten “elected?”

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Real Reason Trump Booted Bolton


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If you believe what is being reported, Donald Trump fired his national security advisor, John Bolton, because the two men disagreed over foreign policy issues. This type of reporting is not only inaccurate, it also lends an air of rationality to our commander in chief’s mental machinations.

Donald Trump is a man who thrives on superficiality. He got rid of Bolton because he never liked that ridiculous stache.

Some aides have privately admitted Trump constantly dissed Bolton’s snowflake facial fur … behind his back. They said Trump would ask, “Hasn’t the guy ever heard of Just For Men?”

It appears after 16 months of looking at that chalky crumb catcher, it was just too much for Trump to stomach any longer. Bolton and his upper lipholstery just had to go.

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Trump Deciding What To Do With Leftover Burgers


Now that he has abruptly called off his super secret meeting with the Taliban, Donald Trump has a lot of burgers on his hands.

“Too bad for the Taliban. If they hadn’t attacked Kabul and killed one of our brave soldiers, they could have been feasting on something very special … something they probably never had, double quarter pounders with cheese,” said an annoyed Trump.

Someone suggested the burgers be donated to the homeless and poor of Washington D.C. but the proposal was quickly quashed. Such a gesture, said a Trump aide, would reek of kindheartedness.

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Warning … this could be fake news!


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It’s Not Too Late For Dems To Embrace “Don the Con”


Back in 2016, when then candidate Donald Trump was vilifying Hillary Clinton at every turn by calling her “Crooked Hillary,” I suggested she return the favor by disparagingly calling him, “Don the Con.” (Hillary Needs To Rebrand Trump)

She never did.

Maybe it was that whole “when they go low, we go high” thing championed by Michelle Obama. Or maybe it’s just that Democrats are not very good at political “branding.” Whatever … Clinton missed a golden opportunity to stick Trump with a simple, hit-him-where-it-hurts nickname.

Let’s face it, Republicans are masters at the art of framing issues. They understand political marketing.

According to David Aaker, “Being able to frame the discussion by imposing a perspective that’s driven by a label is key to winning — whether it’s a divisive political argument or a tough brand battle.”

The linguist, George Lakoff, has noted that winning the framing war with respect to a brand, object, or issue will dictate perceptions, attitudes and behavior — no matter what the logic and evidence may say. Strong frames or perspectives smother and distort rational information processing.

Thanks to Republican efforts, the abortion battle is framed around being “pro life” instead of “anti-choice”; inheritance taxes are labeled “death taxes” and not the rare estate taxes few people pay; The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is branded as “Obamacare” not as a law to make healthcare more affordable.

People have short attention spans and they tend to be lazy, especially when it comes to politics. So a simple, easy to remember name or label is just good old-fashioned marketing.

Look at what has happened with Mitch McConnell being labeled “Moscow Mitch.” The name has stuck; it has gone viral. You can buy “Moscow Mitch” t-shirts and mugs online! The repeating of the too-close-to-home moniker has clearly gotten under McConnell’s skin.

Can we ever forget these nicknames: “Low Energy Jeb,” “Little Marco,” “Lyin’ Ted” or “Crazy Bernie?” No, the names stuck because they were repeated by Trump ad nauseam. This is what Democrats should do with Trump.

Democrats need to burden Trump with one simple, unflattering nickname … and stick to it. It doesn’t matter if it’s “Don the Con” or some other equally disparaging name. “Lyin’ Donnie” or “The King of Corruption” would work just as well.

The key here is for Democrats to do to Trump what he so ably does to them … keep repeating the demeaning nickname until it sticks in people’s subconscious … and in Trump’s craw!

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McConnell Hates “Moscow Mitch” Nickname … Perhaps One Of These Would Be Preferable?


A few months ago, MSNBC’S Joe Scarborough came up with the nickname, “Moscow Mitch,” for the Senate Majority Leader’s refusal to take legislative action against continuing Russian election interference.

Scarborough said on his show, “How can Moscow Mitch so willingly turn a blind eye not only this year to what his Republican chairman of the Intel committee is saying, to what Robert Mueller is saying, what the FBI director is saying, to what the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) is saying, to what the CIA is saying, to what the United States military Intel community is saying.”

Mitch is not happy with his new, very Trumpian nickname.

He has said it’s an “over the top” effort to “smear” him.

“It’s modern-day McCarthyism,” McConnell said during a radio interview on the “Hugh Hewitt Show” when asked about the nickname he received after blocking Democrats’ efforts to pass bipartisan election security bills. “Unbelievable for a Cold Warrior like me who spent a career standing up to the Russians to be given a moniker like that.”

Fair enough, Mitch. How about one of these monikers?

  1. “Traitorous Toady””
  2. “Seditious Stooge”
  3. “Mutinous Mitch”
  4. “Deceitful Douche”
  5. “Cravenness Creep”
  6. “Corporate Comrade”
  7. “Court-Packing Putz”
  8. “Gun Lobby Lapdog”
  9. “Power-Hungry Henchman”
  10. “Worst Majority Leader Ever”

Considering all the other nicknames that could fit you so well, “Moscow Mitch” ain’t so bad, right … Yertle the Turtle?

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Trump Turns On Fox … Says National Enquirer Only Remaining “Non-Fake” News Source


This morning, Donald Trump denounced his once favorite “news” outlet as being “hopeless and clueless.”

In a tweet announcing the breakup, Trump wrote, “We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us anymore!”

The news came as a complete surprise to Fox as it had no clue the relationship was on thin ice. It appears Trump has been secretly seeing other conservative news outlets behind its back.

Trump stated that about the only real news source left is the National Enquirer.

“With the National Enquirer,” said Trump, “I know Pecker always has my back.” That would be David Pecker, CEO of America Media, owner of the tabloid.

In an effort to change Trump’s mind, Fox is dispatching Sean Hannity to make nice with the moody president over a quiet, candlelit dinner.

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Warning – parts of this article may be fake news!

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“This Thing (Presidency) Is Costing Me A Fortune” Says Trump


Donald Trump wants the world to know he did not seek the presidency in order to become richer. In fact, “this thing” has cost him billions!

At a rally in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago, and again at this week’s G7 summit in France, Trump made the claim he has lost “3 to 5 billion” being president.

Chase Peterson-Withorn of Forbes writes:

“Trump is not losing $3 billion to $5 billion. His income isn’t anywhere near $3 billion. And his net worth has not dropped by $3 billion since he went into politics—let alone $5 billion, which is more than he’s ever been worth. Forbes pegged Trump’s fortune at $4.5 billion in 2015. Today we estimate it to be $3.1 billion, a drop of $1.4 billion.”

Forbes attributes the drop in Trump’s fortune mostly to market forces. “The presidency, we found, accounts for only about $200 million of the $1.4 billion drop in Trump’s net worth,” says Peterson-Withorn.

In a normal world, a person wanting others to believe he is taking that kind of financial hit would only have to show his tax returns to prove his point.

But, of course, that will never happen with 45. Instead we’ll all shrug our shoulders and chalk this up as just another one of Trump’s many whoppers.

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Mop Up On Aisle Three … White House Cleans Up After Trump, Again


Donald Trump messed up bigly the other day at the G7 summit currently being held in Biarritz, France. Asked by a reporter if he had any second thoughts about his trade war with China, Trump unexpectedly let down his guard.

Appearing to acknowledge his trade battle with China isn’t going well, a vulnerable Trump answered, “Yeah, sure. Why not … Might as well. I have second thoughts about everything.

Donald Trump has seconds thoughts about everything? What have those nasty Europeans done to the man who never regrets, never apologizes, and never has second thoughts about anything?

Realizing that this gush of genuineness is anathema to the Trump brand and unbecoming of the Trump presidency, the new White House press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, was quickly pressed into clean up duty.

“The president was asked if he had ‘any second thought on escalating the trade war with China.’ His answer has been greatly misinterpreted. President Trump responded in the affirmative — because he regrets not raising the tariffs higher,” Grisham said in a statement.

Isn’t it funny … whenever a politician accidentily speaks the truth the immediate, knee-jerk response is that he or she either misspoke or the comments were taken out of context (misinterpreted)!

This latest faux pas by Trump in France is somewhat of a milestone. If I’m not mistaken, it is the first time during his presidency Trump has admitted to some level of regret over his actions.

Trump made his impromptu trade war remarks at a breakfast meeting of the G7 bigwigs.

My guess is that Trump, who is not a drinker, was the victim of someone (Macron) slipping a psychoactive drug (truth serum) into his Diet Coke.

This latest round of White House mop up duty was thrust into the lap of Ms. Grisham, who took over as White House press secretary from Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Since being elevated to her new position exactly two months ago, the former communications director for Melania Trump has held zero press briefings. It is good to see her actually do some work at the White House if only to help justify her government salary of nearly $200,000.

Get ready, Stephanie, mop up on aisle four is just around the corner.

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Trump Orders Americans To Stop Eating Chinese Food


As part of his ever-escalating trade war with China, Donald Trump has ordered Americans to stop patronizing Chinese restaurants.

“If they think they can outsmart me, they better think again,” said the master negotiator. “I am hitting them where it hurts, in the stomach. This was always my nuclear option and I’m using it. No more family nights at the local Chinese restaurant … no more takeout.”

Following Trump’s latest directive, which he put out in a tweet, a few staff members gently tried to explain to Trump that the People’s Republic of China does not own any restaurants in the United States, let alone Chinese restaurants; that this boycotting of Chinese eateries will have no effect on our adversary.

“Maybe not,” said Trump, “but it will severely cut down on the food they export to our country. Where do you think all those Peking ducks come from? And those fortune cookies? And that special, secret sauce for General Tso’s chicken? … China.”

It remains to be seen if Americans will give up their love of Chinese food. Already several Jewish organizations, including the Jewish Federation of North America and the National Council of Jewish Woman, have come out strongly in opposition to the proposed ban.

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