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I think you’ve jumbled up the situation. The 1948 armistice boundaries are the ones which the United Nations are advocating as permanent settled national boundaries, even though there is not one molecule of objective criteria to rely on in making that decision. Every single Arab signatory to the 1948 cease fire made it clear that they were not agreeing to permanent, settled boundaries and that was perfectly okay with the United Nations.
What became not okay with the United Nations was when Israel became the beneficiary of this lack of a permanent settlement between the parties.
It is undeniable that only two nations in the world recognized Jordanian sovereignty over the West Bank and East Jerusalem. It is also undeniable that Jordan attacked Israel in 1967, as they had in 1948, thus breaking their cease fire.
The United Nations never had legal jurisdiction over this dispute to begin with and they have no more jurisdiction today than they had in the past. This territorial dispute not only predates the origin of the United Nations, it predates the origin of the League of Nations.
I think it’s fairly clear what the present Israeli leadership wants. They want to retain the portions of the territory which are most referenced in the Bible and they are willing to negotiate the remainder of the territory. But this is not just a biblical claim. Jews were living in those places in 1948 and were later expelled, mainly by Jordan.
Lastly, Israel would probably insist on a demilitarized status for any territory it gives over in any such settlement. I agree with all of this.

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