Ciara Shows Off Her Perfectly Glowing & Growing Baby Bump… Again


2020 Vanity Fair Oscar After Party

Source: David Crotty / Getty

Ciara and Russell Wilson are easily quarantine couple goals. Shortly before the coronavirus hit, Ciara and Russell announced they’re expecting an addition to their family and they’ve been keeping us updated on their lives from the confines of their mansion.

Ci Ci is glowing and growing. She showed off her perfectly rounded baby bump in a golden hour selfie that radiates the power of motherhood.


Ci Ci, whose name came up in this weekend’s Verzuz battle between Ludacris and Nelly, rocks a cowboy hat and black triangle bikini with a sexy black sarong covering her bottom.

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The Bump is Bumpin 🥰

A post shared by Ciara (@ciara) on May 17, 2020 at 2:05pm PDT


Ci Ci has no problem finding the right light to take stunning natural photos as she progresses through her pregnancy.

And if she needs a little help behind the lens, she can count on her hubby to be her photographer.

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Kanye West Childhood Home Renovation Halted By City of Chicago


47th Annual Grammy Awards - Staples Center - Los Angeles

Source: Michelle Thorpe – PA Images / Getty

It seems that Kanye West‘s plans for his childhood home aren’t coming to fruition without a few problems after the city of Chicago halted renovation to the old crib.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Kanye West has run into trouble with the city of Chicago while in the midst of renovating the South Side home he grew up in.


The city issued a stop-work order in February after it said it found plaster had been removed without a building permit. This makes the second time that the city has filed a citation against the tan house located at 7815 S. South Shore Dr. after it reportedly landed in demolition court last year after the city claimed it had “dangerous and unsafe conditions.”

Work has since resumed on the property since the latest issue, the 1600-square-foot home changed hands several times, went into foreclosure, and languished, even as it was featured on an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. West’s company — Donda Services LLC — purchased it in late 2018, records show. Though West’s plans for the house are unclear, the Grammy-winning rapper lived in the house for about eight of his childhood years, according to his mother’s 2007 memoir, Raising Kanye: Life Lessons from the Mother of a Hip-Hop Superstar. West’s parents, Donda and Ray, divorced in 1980. Donda and Kanye West moved from Atlanta to Chicago shortly thereafter, when he was 3 years old.

In 2011, a camera crew followed Kanye West as he visited the home with Jay-Z as he showed off the vast yard, where he said his family kept a pen for their dog, Genius.

The house — which was built around 1905, according to the Cook County assessor’s office — sits on a 7,000-square-foot lot. West praised the easy access to Rainbow Beach Park.

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DNA Test Confirms Rick Ross Is The Father Of Ex’s Kids


Rick Ross is going to have to pay up.

Court documents have confirmed that Rozay is indeed the father of former partner Briana Camille’s two smaller children.

This is a win for Camille since the Miami rapper apparently booted her from the crib in late 2019.

The good folk at Bossip got the tea:

The Maybach Music CEO is more than 99 percent likely the dad of three-year-old Berkeley and two-year-old Billion, according to DNA test results filed as part of the case.

The news comes as Briana Camille, who is pregnant with the former couple’s third child, requested immediate temporary child support for the children. She said that Ross hasn’t contributed financially to the kids since he kicked them out of his house late last year, according to court papers obtained by BOSSIP.

She accused the “Gold Roses” rapper of refusing to pay child support for the kids – except daycare – because there wasn’t a DNA test. She said Ross hasn’t paid child support since February 2020, hadn’t paid anything towards her prenatal care, nor contributed to the children’s more than $5,000 in medical bills, her court papers state.

Camille sued Renzel earlier this year for paternity and child support earlier this year. Ross tried to have the case tossed, but clearly that didn’t happen.

While Briana Camille is lining up all the receipts on her side, Rozay was basically slandering her on social media (he even called her “fat girl”) over the weekend. Not a good look considering she’s the mother of what’s soon to be three of his kids.

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Meagan Good Speaks Out On The Reason Why Her Skin Appears Lighter


Meagan Good swiftly corrected one of her followers who commented under one of her social media posts accusing her of bleaching her skin. 

Under a recent Instagram post of Good showing off her flawless face, a follower commented “Megan looked better dark skin….She not so pretty anymore she looks average…But her dark skin was above average…Why did she bleach…”


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A post shared by Meag G,Mrs.Franklin~IfYaNasty (@meagangood) on May 17, 2020 at 12:55am PDT

The Prodigal Son star responded saying she didn’t bleach her skin and that her skin becoming lighter was the result of her unknowingly getting services from an unlicensed aesthetician.

“I didn’t Queen,” Good responded. “A[n] (unbeknownst to me) unlicensed aesthetician gave me a product to correct a sun damage mark on my forehead that messed up my skin. By the grace of God only I’m 80 % through recovery and regaining my color daily. To be honest it was a beyond painful and traumatic experience because I would never wish that on anybody. I’d really appreciate if you wouldn’t continue to spread assumptions and rumors.”

This isn’t the first time the west coast native had to debunk rumors about her lightening her skin tone. Back in 2014, she let her followers know that she was proud to be” brown or tan, thick or thin, natural hair or weave or dyed purple or green.”

“I LOVE my complexion- no matter what side of the spectrum I’m at at any particular time,” she wrote on Instagram under a baby picture. “I love the sun, I’m a Cali gal, but as I’ve gotten older and especially more recently since I’ve gotten into my 30s, I tend not to be in the sun as much because it ages your skin terribly. Simply put -i’m opting to preserve my skin by protecting it and only making exceptions for vacations.”

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Nelly Riley Kicks Off ‘Verzuz’ With Wi-Fi Struggle, Ludacris Wins With Hit After Hit


MTV's TRL "Total Finale Live" - Show

Source: Theo Wargo / Getty

The highly anticipated (ain’t they all?) VERZUZ battle between Ludacris and Nelly went down Saturday night (May 16), and things didn’t go too smoothly.

The latter was having wi-fi issues, which of course lead to jokes and slander, and when it came to the music, Dirty Mo didn’t have enough hits to keep up with Luda.

So while the Atlanta rapper set things off with JD’s “Welcome To Atlanta,” Nelly started with blaming the clouds for a bad Internet connection.

A lot of the criticism for Nelly was him taking too long to drop some of his biggest hits like “Dilemna,” featuring Kelly Rowland, and he didn’t hit “E.I” and “Hot In Here” until late in the IG Live. Meanwhile, Luda was hitting bangers like “What’s Your Fantasy?, “Saturdays” and his standout verse on Nas’ “Made You Look (Remix)” early.

Nelly didn’t help his cause playing tracks that were more personal favorites than club smashes. Like the OG Hip-Hop and Country mash up  Seriously, Luda’s face below encapsulated way too many moments for the St. Louis rapper.

When it comes down to it, Luda’s clip of hits and club smashes have just aged better over time than Nelly’s. And we mean no disrespect, but the consensus is Luda won this battle, easily. By the time Luda was hitting joints like the Kanye West-produced “Stand Up” and the Neptunes-produced “Southern Hospitality,” it was a wrap.

Peep some of the reactions below and see, and remember, for yourself.

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‘Scarface’ Reboot In The Works


"Scarface" Cast Reunite To Launch Blu-Ray Release

Source: Gregg DeGuire / Getty

It seems one of the greatest cinematic efforts in history is about to get a modern update. The legend of Tony Montana will live on once again.

As spotted on Variety Universal Pictures is moving forward with a reboot of the classic film Scarface. According to the article Luca Guadagnino, of Call Me by Your Name fame, has been tapped to direct the project. Reports state that Joel Coen and Ethan Coen have put the final touches to the script that was originally curated by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, Jonathan Herman and Paul Attanasio.


This is not the first time this gangster tale has been revisited for a modern remix resulting in several botched attempts. In 2011 producer Martin Bregman had plugged in David Yates (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) for the film but that fell through for unknown reasons. Then in 2014 Pablo Larraín was announced as the new director manning a new script that found a “Mexican hustler in Los Angeles” as the protagonist.

In May 2017, which was the 35th anniversary of the Al Pacino rendition, Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) was named lead. But another round of musical chairs occurred later that year when the Coen brothers (The Ballad of Buster Scruggs) with Diego Luna (Narcos: Mexico) as the lead role.

If you are interested in seeing the Scarface reboot do not hold your breath. Luca is said to be currently quarterbacking post-production on HBO’s We Are Who We Are and is also developing a remake of Lord Of The Flies for Warner Brothers.


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Cynthia Bailey Opens Up About Quarantine Sex With Fiancé Mike Hill


Quarantine life has its downside, but Cynthia Bailey appears to be thoroughly enjoying life on lockdown with her finacé, Mike Hill.

In an interview with Page Six, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star dished on how stay-at-home orders have been great for her sex life.

“I am enjoying the conjugal visits. I’m a good cellmate. I’m not being passed around for a carton of cigarettes, so I’m good,” said Cynthia.


The former supermodel went on to point that at 53-years-old, she has reached her sexual peak.

“I am at my sexual prime,” she said. “I may not be able to keep up with Mike in a workout, but in the bedroom — I’m good. I don’t mind dropping the soap.”


But it’s not just sexual for the bride-and-groom-to-be. In a recent interview with Fox LA, the pair — who up to this point has been in a long-term relationship — seemed to simply be enjoying each other’s company and being under the same roof. They did, however, admit that being shut in for three months has tested their relationship.

“We have been tested but I can definitely say without question that I still love this man and still want to marry him because we have definitely been tested during the quarantine,” said Cynthia.

“I think every relationship in this quarantine is going to be tested and we definitely have been tested but I will say that we’re still passing with flying colors,” added Mike, who is set to release his memoir, Open Mike in July.

Cynthia and Mike are scheduled to tie the knot this fall on October 10, 2020; however, it’s unclear whether or not their nuptials will be postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“[Coronavirus] has affected it of course,” she Cynthia told HollyoodLife back in March. “I’ve spoken to my event planner and the venue, just to have the conversation, because we don’t know what’s going on. See, I’m kind of hesitant to even send out the invites right now to be honest because I just don’t know.”

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LisaRaye Claps Back At Turks And Caicos Islanders Who Bashed Her On Social Media


LisaRaye is defending herself after people took her comments about helping to improve Turks and Caicos as the star saying she is the reason the island is successful and well known.

Earlier this month, a clip from her “Cocktails With Queens” segment on Claudia Jordan’s Fox Soul show Out Loud was released where, at one point, LisaRaye said she “turned their island around” after marrying former Prime Minister Michael Misick. Claudia joked that she “upgraded the island,” to which LisaRaye said, “damn right! Say it for the b—hes in the back!” 


But the star wasn’t necessarily joking. “I did more for that island than I did for my own country and my own business, my own self,” she said.

When speaking on her marriage, she stated that early on, because Michael came into their union with so much, including money and power as prime minister, she felt like her value would come in bringing Hollywood to the Turks and Caicos.

“I became the poster child for Turks and Caicos because Turks and Caicos was a jewel of an island, an elite island, that no one knew about until I said, hey, here we are over here! An hour away from the Bahamas! An hour and a half out of Miami! We’re right next to Haiti! It’s beautiful! The sun and the sand and the water, come see what I found over here! I did that and I started businesses over there. I started opportunity over there and I did nothing for here.”

Soon after that clip was released though, those who are from Turks and Caicos started to lash out at the Player’s Club actress over her statements.

It got ugly fast, with Claudia claiming people were even hitting her up to complain about what the star said about her contributions to Turks and Caicos. Nevertheless, LisaRaye didn’t back down from her initial statements. On Out Loud With Claudia Jordan this week, she made it clear that she said what she said.

“Those people in your inbox were probably people who can’t even afford to go to Turks and Caicos, so next,” she said. “Secondly, that would be absolutely ludicrous for me to say Turks and Caicos wasn’t known, although it wasn’t known to me when I first met Michael. I didn’t know anything and didn’t even know how to pronounce it. But I stand by what I said.”

“As their first lady, I brought a lot of attention to Turks and Caicos Island. But that’s what I planned to do and that’s what I wanted to do,” she continued. “I brought the film festival there. I built a theater there. I brought the first-ever carnival there, music festival. Calling my friends saying, hey, we may not have it in the budget to pay your fee, but if I can make a vacation out of it for you because I’m the first lady of this small country, and I want to shed some light on here, can you bring your talent over here so you can entertain our people?”

LisaRaye said she did that because as the place was home to Michael, through marriage, it became a home for her, so she did everything she could to bring it attention.

“I still feel that is a second home for me, so I will always be the poster child for Turks and Caicos Islands because it’s beautiful and because I called it home and I do want everyone to see it and know about it because they should,” she added. “It’s right next door to us. So that’s what I said and that’s exactly, again, what I mean.”

Hear everything LisaRaye had to say below.

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Congratulations! Nick Cannon Graduates From Howard University And Speaks At Virtual Ceremony


Congratulations to Nick Cannon for graduating from Howard University last week.

The mogul enrolled in 2016 and finished school while maintaining his own morning radio show, being a host on “The Masked Singer”, continuing “Wild N Out”.

The #HU2020 graduate even had the chance to speak at his virtual commencement ceremony sharing some gems to his colleagues.  He shared that obtaining a Ph.D. is his next educational goal.


“I am always seeking new challenges and continual growth and decided to obtain my first college degree from an institution that has a proven legacy of producing great minds. I have friends, mentors, and colleagues who attended Howard University. I look forward to this new journey in my life and am excited about the possibilities ahead,” Cannon said.

Revolt TV reports that his goal is to become the most important person in media.

“Being able to have a multi-platform empire is really what I have been focusing on. Create household legacies and brands, from radio to digital to daily television, I just feel like I can really do things [that] no one else has ever done before.”

Watch a clip of the ceremony below.




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Kirk Franklin’s Grandson Is Here! [PHOTOS]


62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Source: Amy Sussman / Getty

Congrats are in order for Kirk Franklin’s daughter, Carrington! 

She gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Shiloh Mekh on April 13, 2020, making Kirk and Tammy Franklin first-time grandparents! 

“This beautiful girl grew me up, motivated me to move passed my fears…and my love for her showed me a deeper dependency on Jesus,” Carrington’s mother Tammy wrote on Instagram this week wishing her daughter a Happy Birthday and sharing a photo of her new grandchild. “She’s my friend, my confidant, my cheerleader and my joy! She was the first to make me a Mother and now watching her be a Mama to our first grandchild is an unexplainable gift!”


Carrington’s husband Maxx showered her with love on her first Mother’s Day last week saying, “One month into motherhood has shown me all I needed to see. You are a wonderful mother and I am grateful that my son and I have such an amazing woman in our lives.”


See photos of the newest edition to the Franklin/Nakwaasah family below!


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