Kevin Hart, Woman in Car Photos Says She's Not in Extortion Video

Kevin Hart

Woman in Car Photos Says

I’m Not the One in the Extortion Video

9/19/2017 12:30 AM PDT


A woman Kevin Hart was photographed with earlier this summer has now been accused of being at the center of his extortion video … but she’s calling BS, and our information is also that she’s not the woman in the video.

Monique “Momo” Gonzalez, a Miami based singer, has been raked over the coals online ever since Kevin’s apology video and extortion case came to light over the weekend … with lots of folks saying she’s the lady with whom Kevin allegedly cheated.

Monique’s saying its absolutely untrue, and sources close to Kevin back that up. She says she never hooked up with Hart.

A rep for the singer tells TMZ … despite photos that surfaced in July showing them in a car together, their interaction that night was strictly a friendly convo … nothing more.

As we reported … the woman who’s pictured with Kevin in the video has demanded lots of cash to take a lie detector test.

The L.A. County D.A. is on the case and honing in on at least one suspect.

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Kevin Hart Extortion Plot, Woman in Video is a Traveling Stripper

Kevin Hart

Woman in Extortion Video

Traveling Stripper

9/19/2017 1:00 AM PDT


Kevin Hart partied with a woman — who is now at the center of the sexually explicit video — for an entire weekend last month, and we’ve learned she’s a stripper who hits up whatever clubs she can book.

Her name is Montia Sabbag, although she sometimes spells it Montiah Sabagg. She’s 27, lives in Long Beach, CA and met Kevin during a pretty wild weekend in Vegas back in August.

The first frames of the 4 minute and 47 second video are a pic of Kevin and Montia. You can’t see who’s on the bed during the most explicit portion of the tape, but after the bed scene 2 people who look like Kevin and Montia are walking around in various stages of undress.

We’re told Kevin had never met her before and did not have any encounters with her since.

As we reported, she denies she had anything to do with shooting the video, but authorities are not so sure. We’re told there were other people present during the weekend and investigators are tracking them all down, with the intent of serving search warrants as quickly as possible.

The brass ring for law enforcement is decoding the encrypted emails the extortionist sent to Kevin’s people and figuring out the sender’s identity. 

As we reported, Montia lawyered up almost immediately after Kevin’s team contacted her, and her lawyer said she would sit for a lie detector test if Kevin paid her $420,000.

Our sources say before making a multi-million dollar demand on Kevin in return for keeping the video a secret, the extortionist tried to get at least one media outlet to pay $15 million for the highly produced video. 

Our sources say Kevin had a meeting by telephone Monday afternoon with 2 investigators on the case and it lasted an hour and a half. He aggressively wants to help law enforcement identify and catch the extortionist(s). This was his second meeting with investigators.

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'Narcos' Producers Warn Pablo Escobar's Brother to Back Down in Turf War


Producers War with Pablo’s Bro

… This Is OUR Turf!

9/19/2017 12:40 AM PDT


Narcos” producers are warning Pablo Escobar‘s brother to back the hell off trying to cash in on the popular Netflix show’s name and fame … according to docs.

Lawyers for “Narcos” fired off a cease and desist letter to Roberto Escobar‘s company telling him he’s got no business filing trademark applications for “Narcos” and “Cartel Wars” because both terms are very clearly already attached to the show. “Narcos: Cartel Wars” is a popular video game.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, the producers say Pablo’s older bro is making some outlandish claims in his applications. For instance, they say he claimed to use “NARCOS” in connection with a website in 1986 — but they’re calling BS because the internet barely existed back then.

A rep for Escobar’s company tells us their attorney is in discussions with “Narcos” to settle.

Discussions. What could go wrong?

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Ryan Phillippe's Girlfriend Sues Claiming He Brutalized and Beat Her

Ryan Phillippe

Girlfriend Sues

Claims He Brutalized and Beat Her

9/18/2017 4:31 PM PDT

Ryan Phillippe‘s girlfriend has just filed a lawsuit against the actor, claiming he abuses cocaine, ecstasy, psychedelic mushrooms and steroids, and has beaten her badly.

Elsie Hewitt claims in the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, on July 4th, she went to pick up things from his house and she realized he was extremely drunk. She says after she tried talking with him he attacked her, grabbed her upper arm so hard it left heavy bruises and violently threw her down the stairs as hard as he could.

She claims he continued his assault and picked her up like a doll and threw her down the stairs again. He then screamed, “Get the f*** out of my house you crazy c**t.”

She went to the hospital, cops took a report and she got a protective order.

She suffered chest wall pain, abrasions and severe bruising. 

She wants more than $1 million.

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Kevin Hart Deeply Involved in Police Extortion Investigation, Talking to Law Enforcement Today

Kevin Hart

Deeply Involved in Police Extortion Investigation

Talking to Law Enforcement

9/18/2017 3:06 PM PDT


Kevin Hart is aggressively helping authorities nab the people who tried extorting him over that sexually charged video … and TMZ has learned he’s speaking with them today to tell them everything he knows.

Sources connected with Hart tell us Kevin is talking to law enforcement by phone today on a call that is expected to last around an hour and a half. Our sources say he’s livid at the culprits and wants them caught so bad he’s willing to stop everything else he’s doing to help.

We’re told this will be the second extended conversation he’s had with law enforcememt.

As for who the culprits are … no one knows for sure, although everyone involved has their suspicions. We’re told the woman in the photo with Kevin that appears at the beginning of the video has told Kevin’s people she knew nothing about the video, suggesting she’s a victim, too.

But the woman immediately lawyered up. As we first reported, the lawyer contacted Kevin’s people and said his client would take a lie detector test, but only if she was paid 6 figures. We’re now told that amount is $420k.  

It appears there’s more than one person involved in the extortion plot, and as one person familiar with the investigation tells us, “Sometimes they seem incredibly sophisticated, and other times they just seem downright dumb.”

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David Hasselhoff Wants to Cut Off Ex-Wife's Spousal Support

David Hasselhoff

I’m Done Supporting My Ex

… Pamela Needs to Get a Job!!

9/18/2017 9:21 AM PDT


David Hasselhoff‘s had enough of writing $10,000 checks to his ex-wife every month — and says it’s high time she find a way to support herself.

David filed docs requesting an immediate end to his alimony payments to Pamela Bach. The couple divorced in 2006, and for a long time he was paying her $21k per month. Last year he got that cut in half — saying he was too broke to shell out so much — and now he wants the amount cut to zilch.

In his docs, the Hoff points out Pamela’s shown a “failure to make any efforts to become self supporting, contribute to her own support, or even make any efforts to gain job skills.” Translation: she’s sitting on her ass living off my money!

David says the fact she’s not even trying to help herself … justifies terminating the spousal support.

According to the docs, David’s paid more than $2.5 million to Pamela in spousal support.

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Taylor Swift Won't Get Her Showdown with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West at the VMAs

Taylor Swift

Sorry Girl …

You’re Gonna Miss Kim and Kanye at VMAs

8/25/2017 2:17 PM PDT


Taylor Swift may be sorely disappointed at the VMAs Sunday, because she’s gonna have no one to glare at … we’ve learned Kim and Kanye are otherwise engaged.

It would have been pretty epic … Taylor showing off “Look What You Made Me Do” as she stares down the royal couple, but we’re told long before the single was released they decided the VMAs were not for them.

They’re in town, but we’re told there’s no particular reason for them to trek to The Forum near LAX.

It’s actually kinda brilliant … Kim and Kanye become the center of attention at the music event, courtesy of Taylor Swift, and they don’t have to lift a finger.

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Tesla Sued by Ex-Employee Over N-Word, Alleges Racial Discrimination


Ex-Employee Sues

Over N-Word, Racial Discrimination

9/18/2017 10:36 AM PDT


12:30 PM PT — Tesla says it investigated DeWitt Lambert’s complaint, and the other employees involved told a much different version of events leading up to the recording showing them using the n-word. In fact, Tesla says it now has personal instant messages where Lambert not only uses the n-word … but says he was seeking revenge on his co-workers.

Bottom line: Tesla says it’s suspended Lambert, with pay, while it reopens its investigation.An African-American man who worked for Tesla claims he was harassed by other employees and called the n-word.

DeWitt Lambert filed a federal lawsuit, claiming he started working for the car company in 2015 and served as a production associate. He says the harassment began almost immediately. It started with hazing type stuff — putting stickers on his back, putting nuts and screws in his pocket and hiding his tools.

Lambert says things escalated a few months into the job and he got a menacing recording on his phone …”N****r, we take your ass home, n****r.  Shred you up in pieces, n****r.  Cut you up n****r, send your ass [to] everyone in yo family so everybody can have a piece of you, n****r.  Straight up, n****r.  We get down like that, n****r.”

The lawsuit also claims employees humiliated him, sticking a drill gun in his butt while he was bent over. They also routinely made comments about the size of his penis.

Lambert says after he complained, some of the alleged harassers were actually rewarded with a promotion.

He’s claiming discrimination, a hostile work environment and wants an unspecified amount in damages.

We reached out to Tesla … so far no word back.

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Jesse Williams and Estranged Wife War Over Instagram Pics of Kids

Aryn to Jesse Williams

Keep Our Kids Off the ‘Gram …

It’s Not Safe!

8/26/2017 12:30 AM PDT


Jesse Williams‘ ex is hellbent on making sure he doesn’t post photos of their kids on social media, and says his claim he has a First Amendment right to do it … is total BS.

In new docs, Aryn Drake-Lee says Jesse’s Instagram posts threaten their kids’ welfare and safety. She points out Jesse has some 2.2 million followers and she’s worried some might be volatile and obsessive fans who could harm their kids in an effort to get closer to Jesse.

Aryn previously raised this issue, claiming he’s only touting the kids on IG for empathy. Jesse fired back he was exercising his First Amendment right — but Aryn points out their children are not public figures and have their own rights.

She also says Jesse can’t vouch for the mental state of his followers. To be clear, Aryn’s cool with Jesse sharing pics with family and friends … it’s the public randos who concern her.

We checked out his feed, and Jesse’s already deleted a bunch of pics of the kids.

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Next Singer Raphael Brown Owes His Landlord $48k in Late Rent, According to Lawsuit

‘Too Close’ Singer Sued

Your Rent is Running Real Late

You’re Makin’ It Hard for Me

9/18/2017 10:12 AM PDT


The singer from Next is being sued for allegedly being a deadbeat tenant.

TMZ has obtained a copy of a lawsuit in which Raphael Brown is being hauled to court by his landlord, claiming the singer is late on 5 months of rent.

To be exact, the landlord says she’s owed $48,000 in back rent.

BTW … the crib is a palatial estate in Encino, which vaguely resembles a castle … although it’s not in the Alps. It’s in the San Fernando Valley.

Brown is still living in the house. The landlord is also trying to get a court order to evict him.

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