Justin Bieber Celebrates First Thanksgiving As A Married Man In Heartfelt Post


Looking back on Justin Bieber’s career, it’s interesting to see the space he’s in now. Justin Bieber grew into a respectable individual who is no longer egging the neighbor’s house or pissing in mop buckets in kitchen restaurants. Compared to how he was perceived about five years ago, he’s made a complete 180. This year marks his first Thanksgiving as a married man and the singer shared a heartfelt post on Instagram about the hardships of love and the beauty of uniting both sides of the family.

While Justin Bieber is Canadian and the Canadian Thanksgiving passed prior to his marriage, he spent his American Thanksgiving with his wife, Hailey Baldwin, along with her family and his. The rapper took to the ‘Gram to share a heartfelt post about his first Thanksgiving as a married man.

“Happy late thanksgiving to everyone. First thanksgiving as a married man, first time hosting thanksgiving,” he wrote. “First time both sides of the family has come together. Relationships are hard and love isn’t always easy but thank you Jesus for showing me how! Every day is a learning process, trying to be more like him, patient, kind, selfless, boy I got a long way! But gods grace is sufficient !”

It looks like marriage has turned Justin Bieber into a completely new man. Shout out to Biebs and Hailey on their first Thanksgiving as a couple.

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Lil Kim Shares Emotional Tribute To Kim Porter


The death of Kim Porter hit the hip-hop community hard, especially those who’ve been close to Diddy. Porter and Diddy were on-and-off again for over a decade and had three children together. However, the impact Porter had on the lives of others extends into Diddy’s team. Drake, 50 Cent, Missy Elliot, Joe Budden and more sent their condolences to Diddy and Porter’s family. A little over a week after Porter’s death and Lil Kim has shared an emotional tribute to her.

Mat Szwajkos/CP/Getty Images

Lil Kim took to social media to pen a heartfelt tribute to Kim Porter while sending her condolences to Porter’s family. 

“I’ve tried to write something so many times, but I can’t put into words how special @ladykp was,” she wrote. “There are so many memories with the family and although you were talented at many things, you had one of the major roles and held down the family like none other. With today being about family, I can’t help but honor this amazing woman and the family. Hold your family tight a little longer today. I will always be there for my extended family. Thanks for all of your prayers ❤️ Rest in Paradise Kim Porter.”

Police are still investigating Porter’s death after her cause of death was listed as “deferred.” Earlier today, it was revealed that Porter will be buried in her hometown of Colombus, GA.

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Mikey100K Flows Smoothly Over PnB Rock Production On "Indecisive"


This month, Mikey100K has caught a lot of people’s attention. He’s fully taking advantage of the buzz too as he intends on growing his career to the next level. The young artist has been maturing and you can hear it in his sound. His latest effort comes as a two-song pack called thnkfl, which he released as a Thanksgiving offering. Some spend the day watching football or with friends and family. Mikey100K spends Thanksgiving in the studio improving and showing why he’s one of the more impressive up-and-comers.

“Indecisive” has Mikey rhyming over production from Akachi Beats and PnB Rock as his melodic side takes the spotlight. Singing directly to his girl, the first of two new songs is incredibly smooth, acting as some easy listening for your weekend.

Quotable Lyrics:

Now you calling all your friends talking ’bout you know your worth
How you pissed, how you can’t believe that shit, how it hurt
Sending texts talking ’bout all of the things you deserve
But if you look back on this shit you did it first

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Tekashi 6ix9ine's Federal Charges: Everything We Know


2018 might be the year we witness the rise and fall of Tekashi 6ix9ine. The “GUMMO” rapper has dominated the rap game with his music and his trolling antics alike. Earlier this week, the rapper made headlines after he and four others, including his former manager Shotti, were arrested on racketeering and firearms charges. The rapper is now facing a life sentence for his connection to the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods in New York, who have been accused of committing acts of murder, robbery, drug trafficking and more.

Typically, it would be easier to gain clarity from a legal situation once more information is released, but with 6ix9ine’s case, it seems like things have gotten a bit more complicated. We’ve created a timeline of the moments leading up the rapper’s arrest and his current legal situation.

Tekashi 6ix9ine fires his whole team ahead of American tour and DUMMY BOY release.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been preparing for the release of his album, DUMMY BOY for the past few weeks, as well as a tour that was expected to launch a week before the album dropped. However, days before kicking off his first-ever American tour, he announced that he fired his whole team and canceled the tour, all while suggesting that people from his team have been taking money from him.

6ix9ine appears on the Breakfast Club

During his recent appearance on the Breakfast Club, 6ix9ine went into detail about why he fired his whole team, including his former manager Shotti. The rapper went into detail about how MTA Bookings (who have since threatened the rapper with legal action) were forced to put more money into hiring security and local police due to fear that his presence would entice violence. He went on to explain how people from his team, without saying names, were taking money from him.

During the interview, 6ix9ine revealed that someone on his team ended up stealing $2.5M from him; after the promoter directly contacted 6ix9ine, he found out that someone pocketed some of his profits. It was recently revealed that his ex-manager, Shotti, was the culprit behind the missing cash.

6ix9ine arrested on RICO charges

6ix9ine, Shotti, and three other men were arrested on racketeering and firearms charges days after the rapper announced that he fired his team. Assistant U.S. district attorney revealed that the rapper’s life was on the line after his interview with the Power 106 radio show, claiming his enemies wanted to “super violate him” and ultimately, prompting his arrest. Law enforcement offered to protect 6ix9ine on Saturday, which he declined. They picked him up on Sunday when they learned he was heading to a casino where he ex-associates were, fearing a random shooting could put innocent bystanders in harm’s way.

Possible life sentence

Tekashi 6ix9ine was indicted on six counts including:

  • Racketeering conspiracy.
  • Using or carrying a firearm during and in relation to, or possessing a firearm in furtherance of, a crime of violence, which was discharged.
  • Two counts of violent crime in aid of racketeering stemming from an incident in April.
  • Using or carrying a firearm during and in relation to, or possessing a firearm in furtherance of, a crime of violence, which was brandished
  • One count of violent crime in aid of racketeering stemming from an incident in July.

According to reports, the Feds have been watching the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods as far back as 2013. The rapper’s charges stem from a few incidents that occurred throughout the year, including the Barclay’s Center shooting and his alleged role in a robbery that occurred in April 2018. The police used his social media and surveillance footage as evidence. Law enforcement also used photos of himself with Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods as evidence confirming his gang affiliation. The rapper is facing a max sentence of life in prison for the firearms charges.

Denied Bail, Placed In Gen. Pop Of “Brutal” Brooklyn Prison

Even after offering to hand over his passport and the rest of his bank account ($1.7M), the rapper was denied bail. According to the judge, Tekashi 6ix9ine is still a threat to the community even if he was placed on house arrest, which his lawyer initially tried to offer. Due to 6ix9ine’s alleged membership to the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, they judge claimed that he “would still be able to direct acts of violence by telephone,” a claim that was seemingly proven when footage of the rapper allegedly calling a hit on Tadoe surfaced earlier today.

6ix9ine was placed in the general population section of Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn which has been described as “brutal.” While many have been worried about the rapper’s place in the prison facility; through his lawyer, Tekashi confirmed that he’s doing fine, though deeply concerned about his family.

“DUMMY BOY” gets pushed back

Through an exclusive statement from 6ix9ine’s BFF Akademiks, it was revealed that 6ix9ine’s album DUMMY BOY — featuring Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Lil Baby & more — was pushed back. “Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have postponed the release of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s ‘DUMMY BOY’ until further notice,” reads a statement from his team via Instagram.

6ix9ine’s lawyer denies gang affiliation

The prosecutors are convinced of 6ix9ine’s role in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, but his lawyer, Lance Lazarro, claims that it’s simply an act. Lazzaro said that 6ix9ine is simply an “entertainer who portrays a ‘gangster image’ to promote his music” which “does not make him a member of an enterprise.” In fact, Lazarro tried to paint 6ix9ine as the victim in this scenario. “Mr. Hernandez became victim of this enterprise and later took steps by firing employees and publicly denounced this enterprise through a morning show,” he said.

6ix9ine Transferred To New Prison for “Security Reasons”

The rapper’s placement in gen. pop found him roaming the prison grounds among Crips and Bloods without protection, but he managed to get transferred to another prison. Reports initially indicated that he was released from federal prison, but he was simply sent to another facility. 6ix9ine is currently in a unit with “neutral inmates” which essentially means that no gang members are roaming around, which was exactly what he asked for. His lawyer stated that the was the transfer was due to “security reasons” as 6ix9ine was receiving threats from gang members.

What’s interesting about the new facility is that it’s used to house witnesses who cut deals: a.k.a snitches. There hasn’t been any confirmation that he’s been working with the police, but many seemed to be convinced that he is.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Says She's "Not Mature Enough To Have A Divorce"


For years, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith have been rumored to be getting a divorce. The two have fought through all the gossip as they remain one of the most talked-about couples in the world. While it seems the tabloids want to see them fail, they’ve worked out their kinks for over two decades. While their divorce has been reported on falsely throughout their coupledom, it turns out that the reason they’ve never split up is much simpler than you may think.

Firstly, the love is obviously still there. However, getting divorced would be rough for Jada in general as she reveals in the upcoming episode of Red Table Talk. It’s quickly become one of the most dramatic shows as there seems to always be something to discuss when the next episode is previewed. On Monday, Jada’s chat with Toni Braxton will be shared on Facebook Watch with the women around the table scheduled to discuss life after divorce. We’re curious to hear how much Braxton divulges about her current fiance Birdman but something that Jada said is pretty noteworthy. She told her friends, “For me personally, I’m not mature enough to have a divorce, I’m just not.” She elaborated on the statement, noting that she would make a mess of everything: “Because when you have to start going in, breaking up assets, that right there… Let me tell you, that’s when the red table turns upside down and it won’t be red no more!”

Thankfully, Will and Jada have been happily married for over 20 years with no signs of slowing down any time soon. The new episode of Red Table Talk airs on Monday.


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Travis Scott's "Astroworld" Tour Will Transport You To A Fanciful Fantasy Land


If you’ve never been to a Travis Scott concert, you’re seriously missing out. I’m not just saying that either; I’ve seen him perform live a handful of times and each instance, I’ve noticed his evolution from a timid up-and-comer to a full-blown rager. Astroworld marks a career-defining moment for Travis Scott as he’s officially proven himself to his doubters. He’s welcome at the top alongside names like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Drake, and others. His potential was clear on Days Before Rodeo and Owl Pharaoh but it was never certain that he would ever get to this point. Now, he’s building literal amusement parks for his stage shows.

The first time I witnessed Travis perform live, he had just released Days Before Rodeo. At that point, he was already buzzing hard. I was excited to hear songs like “Drugs You Should Try It,” “Mamacita,” and others live. I didn’t expect much but I was floored by the seemingly unlimited talent this man possessed. Luckily, he ended up bringing back some of the classics for his day-one fans at his recent tour stop in Toronto.

I finally make my way into the show after getting held up at the box office, and right away, I notice that the trussing on the ceiling resembles a roller coaster track. I’m observing my surroundings: there are two stages. A larger one where Gunna’s set-up is being installed and a smaller one across the arena. Most people are standing at the bigger stage but I have a feeling they’ll soon be running over to the more minor installation. 

I saw videos prior to my arrival of Travis taking a ride on a Ferris Wheel while performing “Carousel” but the mechanism is nowhere to be found. I locate my seat and ask if Sheck Wes had already gone on stage. Unfortunately, I just missed out and will likely not hear “Mo Bamba” live for a while.

The floor isn’t full yet but then again, there are line-ups around the entire building. People are buying merch, beer, or smoking a blunt before heading inside. There is no DJ in between sets as the stage is being set up for Gunna. Instead, La Flame opts for ambient sounds to be blasted on the sound system. He’s taking a page out of Kanye West’s book, who used a similar strategy while touring The Life of Pablo.


After opener Sheck Wes, Gunna makes his way onto the stage. He’s got Slime Season 3 visuals on his screen and he’s rocking a winter coat. We are in Canada, after all. Immediately, the crowd is into him – the Atlanta artist is one of the quickest rising talents in the industry and he’s already got some major singles to his name. Unlike the majority of his contemporaries, Gunna is not just rapping over a prominent backing track. He’s making an effort to show off his skills as a performer.

He shouts out the women in the crowd before asking if any of them want a “Chanel” bag. Seamless transition. He makes his way into the newly-released “Space Cadet,” which ends up being one of the most exciting parts of his set. The crowd is moshing at this point, clearly getting hyped up for the main event. He rolls into a medley of “Sold Out Dates,” “Drip Too Hard,” and “Oh Okay,” which would have been an appropriate end to his set– only it’s not. With all of Gunna’s most recognizable tracks now out of the way, the audience is quick to lose interest.

The crowd is now expecting Trippie Redd, who is advertised as the final opener. The Ferris Wheel’s installation on the stage is a clear sign that this is no longer the case. After a short chunk of time passes, a vintage advertisement for the defunct Astroworld theme park shows on the jumbotron and the crowd freaks out.

As anticipated, Travis Scott heads out on the smaller stage across the arena and people go wild on the floor. The Toronto crowd rushes to be in the front of whatever will go down. “Stargazing” blares over the loudspeaker. He orders his concertgoers to split a line down the middle, making way for an intense mosh pit. This is going to get rowdy.

The Frank Ocean-featuring “Carousel” comes on and Cactus Jack is literally getting strapped up to the Ferris Wheel. He takes a spin around and keeps singing the entire time. The man was upside down screaming into his microphone. This is true dedication to the vision. 

Once he makes his way off the Ferris Wheel, he tells DJ Chase B that he wants to bring it back to a few years ago when he performed at The Hoxton, a few streets away from the arena he’s currently in. He ends up playing “Way Back” from Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight. Not a bad segway.

We’re four songs in and you can tell the energy will not vanish anytime soon. This isn’t like any other concert I’ve ever been to. Everybody is engaged, raging to their hearts’ content. People are singing every word. Somebody in the section next to mine has tears in her eyes.

Travis proceeds into a medley of Days Before Rodeo songs. This may be called the Astroworld tour but so far, he’s really just celebrating his career-long success. Once he finishes “Mamacita,” he drops down into oblivion, disappearing underneath the small stage. An AI robot calls for the performer to return on the big screen and he suddenly appears, singing “Butterfly Effect.”

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

After shortened versions of “No Bystanders,” “Don’t Play,” and “3500,” La Flame starts to direct everyone in the crowd to put both their arms up. After a while, he’s actually singling out individuals in the crowd. “You there, yeah you… Why don’t you got your hands up,” the Houston native asks. The reluctant fan ends up participating before Travis “put on for the day ones” again, singing “Skyfall.” The crowd breaks out into a Travis chant, and you can tell he’s proud as hell. He’s got a big smile on his face before getting emotional, saying he was going through some tough shit when he wrote “Drugs You Should Try It.”

I gaze over at Chase B and it looks like he’s DJing inside of a spaceship. During “R.I.P. Screw,” a circular curtain comes down with flashy visuals inspired by the album: rollercoaster imagery, skulls, and a sign saying “Wish You Were Here.” At one point, the Houston skyline is shown as “Houstonfornication” and “Stop Trying To Be God” are played.

The Astroworld stage received a few guest appearances for the night: Toronto native Nav, Don Toliver, and Gunna. The folks around me were convinced Drake would show up but much to their dismay, he did not.

Travis ends the night with “Sicko Mode,” naturally, and sets off a major display of fireworks before his final departure.

With pyrotechnics going off all over the place, an operating Ferris Wheel and more, the Astroworld tour is a singularly unique concert experience.  It’s a concert, but it feels more like a festival. Or, even more apt, it feels like an amusement park. The rapper truly brought his album concept to life.

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Shooting In Alabama Mall Causes Chaos Among Black Friday Shoppers


Every year there are stories of Black Friday gone wrong: people being trampled in mad rushes to get the last cheap PS4, getting stuck in a crowded Wal Mart for hours or even people getting dehydrated while camped out waiting for a store to open. However, in Alabama last night, an argument in a mall escalated into much more than a cute Black Friday blunder.

It started with two men (one 21, the other 18) having an argument in the Riverside Galleria, a mall in the suburb of Hoover, just outside Birmingham. The 21-year-old, in response to what we don’t know, pulled out a gun and shot the 18-year-old twice in the chest. The mall cop on duty last night also turned out to be a cop cop who was armed and shot the assailant while he was fleeing. In the chaos, a 12-year-old girl was shot as well, but is apparently going to be alright after being operated on. It’s unclear who fired the bullet that hit her: the cop or the 21-year-old. 

A video, below, shows the chaotic moments after the gunshots, as shoppers book it for the door, believing it to be another of the mass shootings that occur so often in the US.

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Key Glock's "Glockoma" Album Features Tay Keith, Kenny Beats & More


Though this year has seen a rise in more lyrical hip-hop, and a slight decline in last year’s ubiquitous trap sound, the Southern-led subgenre has remained a dominant force. Now, Memphis rapper Key Glock has come through to throw his hat in the race, dropping off his new fourteen-track effort Glockoma. Off the bat, the project is blessed with a notable lack of features, which reveals Glock’s willingness to carry the load on his own merits. Of course, there are a few prominent young producers in the fold, Kenny Beats and Memphis’ own Tay Keith among them

Standout tracks like “Yea,” “Life Is Great,” and more “Prime” showcase Key’s ear for production, as he carefully selects beats well-suited for his flow. While not a technician, Glock is solid behind the mic; while some trap albums lose those of a more lyrical inclination, Glockoma covers enough to merit enjoyment from all walks of life. Should you be looking for something to bump in the absence of both 6ix9ine and Kanye West’s once-promised album, Key Glock’s recent drop is certainly worth exploring. 

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Drake Reportedly Taking The Stand In Upcoming "Pound Cake" Trial


Earlier this month, the first update from the upcoming trial between Hebrew Hustle, a music publishing company, and Drake was issued as the artist reportedly asked for all evidence about his net worth to be banned from use in court. He seemingly believes that if that information is revealed, it would influence the court in a certain direction. Also, it’s pretty unsafe for that type of financial information to be disclosed when you’re as wealthy as Drake. Now, a new report has been released as it appears the multi-platinum recording artist will be taking the stand during the trial.

Drake is currently being accused of ripping off a sample from “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music II.” In 2014, the estate of Jimmy Smith and Hebrew Hustle sued the Canadian for an unauthorized use of Smith’s song on the track from Nothing Was The Same. Since then, Drizzy has denied that he stole the song, countersuing and accusing the publishers of damaging his brand. According to The Blast, Hebrew Hustle filed a witness list earlier this week and Drake is one of the main people that they would like to speak at the trial. Court documents state that Drake’s appearance will not be pre-recorded so he will, indeed, be appearing in front of a live jury. Hopefully, they’re not too starstruck.

The trial is currently scheduled to begin next month in New York. It’s about time too, since this has been dragging on for years at this point.

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Diplomats Take Aim At Kanye West & "KeKe" Challenge On "Intro: Stay Down"


Yesterday, The Diplomats rang in Thanksgiving with their first album in a drawn-out minute, Diplomatic Ties. Those who lived through the prominent Dipset run on the early millennium were quick to rejoice, revisiting the voices of Cam’Ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana like they never left. Luckily, such timeless qualities were reflected in the sound; early listens seem to indicate a refreshing blend of nostalgia and new-school acclimation. On the introductory cut “Intro: Stay Down”, however, frequent collaborator Heatmakerz rolls through with a refined beat that may have been aging finely since 2004. 

“Man, I’m watchin’ all you grown men dancin’ to the Kiki,” spits Jim Jones, utterly disgusted, “shit, up in Harlem we was dancin’ on them key keys.” The gravitas with which he approaches a track has yet to dissipate, still formidable now as during the “Ballin” era. Juelz holds it down for the second verse, bringing mafioso rap back into the fold with references to Nicky Barnes and Frank Lucas. Yet Cam’Ron may very well have the most scathing approach, as he uses his first verse to plant fangs into Kanye West’s jugular.

“He told me he was bipolar, I looked and said Bipolar?,” spits Cam’Ron, letting the incredulous ad-libs speak volumes. “Don’t be ridiculous, he wasn’t in the mix with us, bricks from Hamilton Terrace, he didn’t take the risk with us.” 

Quotable Lyrics

Dame Dash my man, he shootin’ then I’m buckin’ with him
They shootin’ at us? Shit, I’m duckin’ with him
But I had to be firm and tell ’em that Kanye only fuck witchu when no one else is fuckin’ with him
He told me he was bipolar
I looked and said, “Bipolar?”
Don’t be ridiculous, he wasn’t in the mix with us
Bricks from Hamilton Terrace, he didn’t take the risk with us

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