Atlantic Records Signee Ayanis Drops "Direction" Debut EP


After officially signing with Island Prolific/Atlantic Records in the Winter of 2017, Ayanis offers her very first major label project entitled “Direction.” Her debut EP is a collection of 6 tracks, half of which were previously released leading up to the project’s drop. Stream it after the jump.

The newcomer has been growing her fan base while performing within the Access Granted: HBCU Tour. Her music videos have also garnered increased attention, including her the Mack Wilds-featured clip for her latest single, “Wait A Minute.”

Mello the Producer discovered Ayanis in 2013 through a cover she uploaded to Instagram, leading the aspiring singer to form connections with Atlantic Records two years later. Soon after, the young singer began crafting her own material with the assistance of Prince Charlez,  who is known for having written for famed recording artists like Rihanna, B.O.B., Kendrick Lamar and Usher.

Track List
1. They Don’t Need To Know
2. Wait A Minute
3. Awh Yeh
4. F.Y.I.T.
5. Me too
6. Direction

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Keanu Reeves Joined The Cast Of "Toy Story 4"


Vulture is reporting that Keanu Reeves will join the cast of the 4th Toy Story film. What we know of the Keanu’s character was unearthed by Tim Allen, who plays franchise co-star Buzz Lightyear. According to Allen, Reeve’s character is a little more eccentric than the rest of the regular cast, although he does bear a slight resemblance to Buzz, due to his “gentle and calm demeanor.”

“They really will surprise you with the toys they came up with,” Allen told Deadline. “Characters came back, new guys in it that are great. Keanu Reeves has got a great part.”

His inclusion in Toy Story 4 marks the first time in Keanu Reeves’ career that he will undertake a voice role in an animated film. Reeves who made his debut in 1986’s River’s Edge with Crispin Glover has been a mainstay in Hollywood ever since, most recently as cerebral assassin John Wick.

Interestingly enough, this past Thursday was the 23rd anniversary of the original Toy Story release, the very first feature film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Pixar would go onto push the boundaries of digital culture until it was eventually purchased by Walt Disney Studios in 2006. Toy Story 4 is expected to hit theaters on June 21, 2019.

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Taraji P. Henson's "What Men Want" Gets Red Band Trailer: Watch


During the 2019 Valentine’s Day season, Paramount pictures What Men Want, a gender-flipped remake of the 2000 romantic comedy What Women Want, will be one of the marquee showings and to continue to get audiences excited about the Taraji P. Henson-led film, the studio has now released a Red band trailer for the film.

The film is centered around Henson who portrays a sports agency executive frustrated with the Boys’ Club mentality in her workplace. As evidenced by the trailer, she gains the ability to her men’s thoughts after taking a fall on the head. Soon enough, she’s inside the head of her assistant, her colleagues, naturally, her leading man (Aldis Hodge), and even Shaq, Mark Cuban and Tracy Morgan. Other prominent member so the cast include Erykah Badu and Pete Davidson.

The new film is written by Tina Gordon Chism (ATL) and Jas Water (This Is Us) while being directed by Adam Shankman. In theaters February 8th, the new remake may very be well-needed facelift to the Mel Gibson iteration that arrive nearly twenty years ago. We’ll have to see how well it stacks up in the end.

An initial box office success, What Women Want grossed $374 million worldwide against a $70 million budget and had the slightly above-average ratings attached to romantic comedy made for mass consumption.

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Blac Chyna Responds To Skin Bleaching Outrage By Calling Her Cream "Philanthropic"


Blac Chyna caused an uproar with her endorsement of a skin lightening cream. While many have called out the social media star for her perpetuation of colorism, which is propelled by this type of product, Chyna continues to promote her new business endeavor with pride. 

The promotion of her collaboration with Whitenicious goes as far as calling the venture “philanthropic,” despite the concept of skin bleaching being deemed an international epidemic by many critics.

“@lashedcosmetics is pleased to announce our newest global partnership with @whitenicious . Dencia and I have combined over 10 years experience in the cosmetics industry and partnering With a reputable skin care line to cater to all skin types. @lashedcosmetics and @whitenicious were a perfect match to market our products in unison to reach a wider worldwide demographics. Both companies have a significant amount of international customers and the vision that they mutually share. Our philanthropic collaboration is to encourage and empower women. Thank you and stay tuned for all of our endeavors.🏆 “

She is so unbothered by the criticism she earned by this product, taking time to flaunt her mode of transportation to Nigeria. The cosmetics entrepreneur is set to launch the controversial cream in Lagos this weekend. 

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Tekashi 6ix9ine & Chief Keef: A Timeline Of Their Beef


Who hasn’t Tekashi 6ix9ine had beef with? The trolling young rapper felt that it was necessary to get under the skin of anyone and everyone that had any criticism of his craft. While Tekashi’s beefs with rappers such as YG and The Game yielded some crazy stories, his feud with Chief Keef reigns supreme.  The beef between the now incarcerated Tekashi 6ix9ine and Chief Keef started at the top of the year. Although their back and forth bickering online may have caught the attention of some, the recent revelation that Tekashi ordered a hit on Sosa and his crew has reignited the situation. There are several layers to the beef between the two rappers, but it all seems to stem from an interaction with Cuban Doll.

Cuban Doll was dating Chief Keef’s cousin and rapper Tadoe at the time she appeared in a video with Tekashi. While she only pops up and the end of the video, Tadoe didn’t like seeing his woman alongside Tekashi. Doll alleged that Tadoe beat her after she appeared next to Tekashi from the hospital. With her injuries still fresh, a video of Tekashi and Tadoe arguing over FaceTime appeared online. Starting from that moment, here is a brief timeline of the beef between Tekashi and Chief Keef. 

“I Kill People.” -May 5, 2018

After Cuban Doll accuses Tadoe of putting his hands on her, a video of Tekashi and the Glo Gang associate speaking on FaceTime surfaces. In the video, Tadoe tells Tekashi to lose Cuban Doll’s number, threatening the rainbow-haired rapper with the warning, “I kill people.” Although Sosa and his crew may have had issues with Tekashi previously to this, the FaceTime clip is the first time we see things escalate to a level of beef. Chief Keef aligns with his family, and the feud begins to take form.

Tekashi Takes Shots At Chief Keef And Lil Reese -May 31, 2018

Taking things to a whole new level, Tekashi records a video alongside Cuban Doll where he takes shots at Chief Keef and Lil Reese. “What y’all gon’ give me? 48 hours? ‘Yo wait two months this shit gon’ die.’ Where? Where I’ma die? Fuck Chief Keef. Fuck Lil Reese. Fuck all them niggas,” spits Tekashi. Cuban Doll hilariously takes her dog out of Tekashi’s hands and storms out of the video during his rant, showing that she wants nothing to do with the madness.

Chief Keef, Tadoe, & Trippie Redd Drop “I Kill People” -June 1, 2018

Trippie Redd joins in on the fun here. Redd is entrenched in a beef with Tekashi at this time himself. What’s truly interesting is, both Redd and Tekashi were under management from the same party. Ebro seems to believe that the entire beef between Redd and Tekashi was made up by their management to help boost views and likes. If that is true, Redd’s involvement on this song is even more conniving than originally perceived. After the video of Tadoe threatening Tekashi goes viral, he, Sosa, and Redd craft the subliminal diss record “I Kill People.” Around the same time, GBE as a whole begins to troll Tekashi on social media.

Chief Keef Is Shot At In New York -June 2, 2018

Things get real when Sosa visits New York. If Ebro’s statements about Tekashi and Trippie Redd secretly working together behind the scenes to fabricate their beef is true, this shooting becomes another insane twist. While in New York recording with Redd, Chief Keef is shot at by masked assailants. After the shooting, TMZ caught up with Keef, who remained silent on the entire situation.

Tekashi Denies Involvement In Shooting -June 2, 2018

After the shooting in New York, Tekashi claims that it’s all love between him and Chief Keef. His trolling appears to be a slick method of distancing himself from a police investigation. Tekashi claims that he’s a fan of Keef and even asks how much a feature would cost. Nobody is buying his act, but there’s no evidence to connect him to the shooting directly.

Tekashi Takes A Trip To Chief Keef’s City & Calls Him Out -June 12, 2018

It was a long month of beefing for Tekashi. The month of June had yet to end and the rainbow-haired rapper decided to take a trip to Chicago. In a viral video, Tekashi pulls up to the infamous O Block, which is the most violent section in Chicago. Keef claims O Block as his hood, so Tekashi pulled up looking for him. In the video he claims that he pulled up at around 10 PM, but street cam footage ended up proving he visited while everyone was asleep at 3 AM. Still, the bold move didn’t go unnoticed. 

Chief Keef & Lil Reese Search For Tekashi In Chicago -June 12, 2018

The month of June continues to heat up. Chief Keef and Lil Reese go searching for the “Gummo” rapper. They appear to give up after Reese asserts that people spotted Tekashi with police. Although the cops were possibly just an escort, the rappers still don’t trust it and label Tekashi as a snitch.

Tekashi Takes Chief Keef’s Baby’s Momma On A Shopping Spree -June 13-14, 2018

Tekashi is one bold guy. He flys Aareon “Slim Danger” Clark out to New York City for a shopping spree and records the interaction. To make matters worse, Slim Danger calls out Keef for being a deadbeat. Another one of Keef’s baby’s mothers Simone then fires shots at Tekashi, uploading screenshots of the rapper trying to use her as troll bait as well. The tale of two baby’s mommas doesn’t seem to impress Sosa.

The NYPD Opens An Investigation Into Chief Keef Shooting -June 18, 2018

This may be the moment the NYPD decided it was time to wrap Tekashi up in the RICO charges that took him down. The “FEFE” rapper was officially named a person of interest in the Chief Keef shooting that took place in New York weeks prior. Although Tekashi wasn’t in town during the shootout, police began to connect the dots.

Slim Danger Says She Gave Tekashi Head But Chief Keef Was Bigger -June 21, 2018

Without Tekashi around to pay for her trolling, Slim Danger continued to stir the pot. While on a radio show, Slim admited that she gave Tekashi head while they were together. When asked who was bigger, she says Keef had the package. Whether she was looking to extend her 15 minutes of fame, or if she genuinely wanted to throw shade during the beef is still undetermined. Still, her words only made matters worse. 

Tekashi Reignites Beef By Calling Keef A “Pussy” -August 15, 2018

After nearly a month of internet trolling and beefing with other rappers, Tekashi circles back to Sosa. His seems to take shots at Keef, and also YG, unprovoked. “Ya’ll believe these rappers like you watch movies,” stated Tekashi. “In real life, these rappers are fucking pussy! Don’t let it distract you. Remember every time I beef with a nigga, no matter if its YG, no matter if it’s Sosa, they like ‘you got beef with the wrong nigga now, yo bro, you just signed a death warrant.'”

Tekashi Trolls Chief Keef After His Home Is Burglarized-September 24, 2018

Tekashi should have just quit while he was ahead. After the police investigation into the Sosa shooting seemingly disappeared, Tekashi still decided to take shots at the Chicago rapper online. It’s worth a mention that this entire time, the NYPD investigation into the Sosa shooting was still taking place. It had spiraled into the much larger RICO case that has landed Tekashi in jail. With the police most likely watching, Tekashi trolled the burglary of Keef’s home. 

Chief Keef Shrugs Off Tekashi Questions Weeks Before RICO -November 9, 2018

The beef between Tekashi and Keef simmered down while the former was busy feuding with YG and Casanova. Still, the press wanted to know how Keef felt about the rainbow-haired rapper’s ongoing strife. When TMZ approached Keef and asked him about another shooting revolving around his nemesis, Sosa isn’t feeling it. The reporter seems to be awkward in general, complimenting Sosa’s shoes and asking the wrong questions. Must have been his first day.

Video Of Tekashi Bragging About Ordering A Hit On Tadoe Surfaces- November 23, 2018 

By this time, Tekashi is in jail. The police were tired of his antics, and rolled up several shootings together to bring Tekashi and his associates in on RICO charges. Although Tekashi and his lawyer try to plead that the Brooklyn rapper only portrays a gangster for show, a video of him seemingly ordering a hit on Keef’s cousin Tadoe surfaces. The video was taken just days before Keef and Tadoe were shot at in New York. Tekashi may be in jail, but there is little doubt that Sosa is somewhere simmering with this new information in mind.

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LeBron James On Lonzo Ball: He's Still Learning "How Great He Is"


“Sometimes he doesn’t realize how great he is,” was LeBron James inadvertent message of support for teammate Lonzo Ball following their 90-83 win over the Utah Jazz. In his post-game interview, you got the sense LeBron James can be a patient man, so long as he isn’t held responsible when things fall to pieces. We owe this Lakers’ group a chance to prove their mettle, and of all his teammates, LeBron seems to think Lonzo has the most upside.

“The things that he possesses out on the floor, when Zo realizes how good he is on the floor,” Lebron continued. It makes him a very dynamic player and it makes us even better. And he’s been doing that as of late, (with) his aggressiveness.”

Although Lonzo Ball’s 9 points, 10 rebounds and 2 assists against the Jazz don’t scream “breakout performance,” it was his cool and collected manner down the stretch that helped his Lakers’ side mitigate their turnovers on their way to a comfortable win. The Lakers’ outscored the Jazz 26-20 in the final quarter, of which Lonzo played all 12 minutes.

“He missed a couple of ’em; that’s absolutely fine. He had a couple charges; that’s absolutely fine,” LeBron said in his mid-game assessment of Lonzo’s play. “When he’s aggressive it just changes our dynamic of the team, and he’s been doing it of late and we need him to continue to do that because he’s very good.”

Basketball like all other team sports played at this level, is a game of intangibles, just ask LeBron.

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Z Money & Ohgeesy Run Off With The Profits On "Givenchy" Remix


Z Money’s “Givenchy” record first made waves as a primary inclusion on his Chiraq Mogul project released in August through Gucci Mane’s 1017 Eskimo imprint. The project included contributions from a host of characters not readily associated with him by name.

As the rare Chicago rapper to derive inspiration from outside sources, Z Money has earned himself a reputation as an artist capable of adapting to different styles. Nevertheless, it is up to Shoreline Mafia’s Ohgeesy to gain his footing on the “Givenchy” remix, and doing so, he proves himself equally adept. 

Upon closer inspection, Z Money and Ohgeesy have tons in common, and a few “traits” which set them apart. Ohgeesy for one, made a name for himself running with a graffiti crew, which eventually grew to become a musical entity. Z Money’s come up never saw him join hands in a group initiative. Everything he’s managed to date, including his reincarnation, he did by himself. 

Check out the “Givenchy’ remix and comment below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I recall a hollow, make you spit up that lil pin you swallowed 
By edge of tomorrow, sip some syrup ’cause I’m really bored
Fuckin’ up these stores, don’t do chores (yeah), play fast when record.

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Nicki Minaj Shares Footage Of Her Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway


It’s one thing to be a “Queen,” but another to be a woman of integrity. Yesterday, Nicki Minaj exhibited qualities of both. The legendary rapper returned to her hometown of Queens, where she proceeded to hand out 500 Thanksgiving Turkeys to fans and families in need. Yesterday, we reported on the event, which found Nicki working alongside NYPD’s 113th Precinct in the rare functional alliance between rappers and the police.

While Nicki has yet to speak on her experience beyond a few Twitter words, she took to Instagram to upload a montage of the event, backed by the soundtrack of her Queen single “Chun-Li.” In the clip, Nicki can be seen exiting her car to an uproarious chorus from her legions of fans. The beaming Nicki Minaj takes time to sign autographs, hand out turkeys, pose for pictures, and interact with the people. It’s a good look for the rapper, who likely made many-a-day through her generosity. It’s always nice to see rappers giving back to their community, especially during the Holidays. Much respect to the Queen of Queens!

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Roy Jones Jr. Challenges Michael B. Jordan To Boxing Match


Creed II star Michael B. Jordan was recently approached by TMZ and asked if there are any real boxers that he thinks he’d be able to hang with in the ring. His response: “Roy Jones bro.”

The 31-year old actor made sure to mention that he couldn’t handle the retired fighter in his prime, but now that Jones Jr. is 49 he thinks he could take him. “Roy Jones, that’s my dude, bro … I feel like I could do my thing a little bit. I could hold my thing, right now, but in his prime, nah.”

Naturally, TMZ has since caught up with Jones Jr. to get his take on the matter, and he seems more than willing to make it happen for real.

“First thing is, you know I never ducked a fight in my life, I don’t duck nothing,” Roy Jones Jr. tells TMZ. “If Michael B. wants this real, contact Roy Jones Jr. and we will make it happen,” he added, stressing that Jordan knows where to find him if he’s for real about the whole thing. “I know he can’t beat me still. I know he’s probably in better condition because he’s younger…. But I’m an old school vet.”

When asked how much time he’d realistically need to train for a fight against Jordan, Jones Jr. tells TMZ, “[I’d] probably need, for him, about four or five weeks.”

In 75 career fights, Jones Jr boasts a 66-9 record, including 47 KOs. He most recently fought in February of this year, when he defeated Scott Sigmon via unanimous decision. 

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Cards Against Humanity Holds 99% Off Black Friday Sale On Cars, Caskets & More


It’s Black Friday so you already know that everyone is trying to cop as much as they can on a discounted price. However, Cards Against Humanity seems to be taking things to a new level with their Black Friday sale/prank. The makers of the card game launched a new website today seeling what seems to be filled with items such as cars, caskets, diamonds, a life-size cutout of Orlando Bloom and more.

Cards Against Humanity’s latest marketing stunt could “possibly a very bad idea,” according to the co-founder of Cards Against Humanity, Max Temkin. is a website launched by the founders of Cards Against Humanity for Black Friday and includes a 99% sale on items on things such as a portable sauna, a medieval weapon, 85-inch smart TVs, an engagement ring and more. 

“Holy f— have we got some deals,” the website reads. “Don’t be frightened by the deals. Just click and let the savings wash over you.”

While many have questioned whether the sale is real or not. The site’s FAQ does indicate that the products are actually available.

“We have most of these items in hand at the office here (and our office is filled with crazy stuff right now),” Max Temkin told Business Insider. “This is 100% real and possibly a very bad idea.”

Many of the items are limited in quantity. However, a new product does go live on the site every 10 minutes.

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